Tapestry Crochet Adventure #4: It’s a “Holly Jolly Christmas” with the Holly Potholders.

It’s a “Holly Jolly Christmas “ with the Holly Potholders! For my 4 th Tapestry Crochet Adventure I chose to make these Holly potholders. I love Holly. When I lived in Vancouver many years ago I was astonished to find Holly growing everywhere. Growing up in Alberta this was not a plant that was able to grow here. I had no idea you could grow holly in Canada. It was a pleasant surprise to find these beautiful holly bushes on my walks around Vancouver. Whenever I take trips to the area I am always on the lookout for a holly siting. I even tried growing holly when I lived in the Toronto area but sadly I wasn’t successful.

Crocheting holly was a much easier task than growing it in my experience. I really enjoyed this pattern by RaffamusaDesigns. I changed the berries to crocheted circles to give some dimension to the design. I used beautiful organic cotton yarn from Krea Deluxe. I love their cotton yarn, the colours are amazing and environmentally friendly.

Tapestry crochet is a wonderful crochet technique using colour in a fairisle essence. So many patterns on my list to do and the list keeps growing. Pop by soon to see my next Tapestry Crochet Adventure.

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