Architectural Designs

A collection of some of my architectural inspired designs since 2014. I had the honour of designing for various galleries which often included my architectural pieces some shown here. My love for architecture began while taking Interior Design. Since then it has been a passion for me to create designs with knitting and crochet that are inspired by the amazing artists, designers, architects and all the people involved in making such extraordinary buildings of the past.

My next adventure in architectural inspiration will hopefully evolved into a collection of crochet patterns you can enjoy making. You will see a lot of inspiration from Gothic Architecture including stained glass windows (shown below), stained glass rose windows, various scarves with stone tracery and other features on these beautiful buildings. View my blog posts for more information about these designs. You will need to scroll down as some of them are much older posts. Have a wonderful fibre inspired day today!

Various crochet patterns are available: Etsy store: or Ravelry

Various patterns are available on my Etsy store and most are also available on my Ravelry store. Follow me on my Blog, Etsy, Ravelry, Instagram or Twitter for the latest blog posts and patterns. Some of my Free Patterns are available on Ravelry and coming soon to my blog here.

Etsy store: or Ravelry