Free Baby Hat Pattern

baby hat free

Free Baby Hat Pattern:

Free Infant Baby Hat pattern on my website is available at this link above. I truly believe that helping others is always an important goal to achieve in life. I will be adding more free patterns in the future, check back soon.

This pattern was designed as a free pattern with the request that since it is free you pass it forward and knit one for a charity of your choice. You can make more than one for the many Charities local to you and abroad. Then make whatever you want for yourself. That is all I ask as I would like my free patterns to help support others. To bring happiness and warmth to each of them and you as you make something special for someone you don’t even know. It will warm your heart and theirs.

I hope by giving this free pattern to you the gift of giving yourself to others will be passed on and on and on. Enjoy and pass on the warmth.

Valerie Baber of Valerie Baber Designs,

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