Fuzzy Little Friends:

Alberta Rose Alpacas
Alberta Rose Alpacas

These fuzzy little friends of my knitting world are so adorable and belong to the Alberta Rose Alpacas at www.albertarosealpacas.com

Stopped by for a visit to check out the amazing yarn they grow locally.  Alpacas have to be the most adorable animals and one of my favourite yarns to use. These guys had such character and were really very tame.  Had such a wonderful time visiting and picking out some yarn.

I had asked Lauraine, the owner who hand paints and hand dyes her wonderful Alpaca yarn, to do a special order as I need a particular colour for an Alberta Rose.  And of course I had to add other colours to my purchase as you can never have too much yarn!! I am happy to say I was very impressed as she did a wonderful job and was great to work with.

Inspiration can come from many things and in this case I was inspired by the Alpacas themselves and the wonderful colours of the hand dyed yarn.   I am in the process of designing with this luscious yarn.  Perhaps another Alberta theme would be in order since the yarn is grown locally.  Hmmmm, off I go to play with the yarn of the day.

Alberta Rose Colour
Alberta Rose Colour
Turquoise and Teal
Turquoise and Teal

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