I Envy Green

Blue Green InspirationSomeone once told me “blue and green should never be seen”.  On the contrary, I envy green and seriously disagree with this statement.   What a loss it would be to not put these two colours together.  The pictures shows some of what I have been inspired to work on this week and blue and green were obviously a colour way that was on my mind.  Together they add such as lovely calming essence making you feel like the ocean is around you when you wear a scarf or other garment.  If it was true  that ” blue and green should never be seen” then why does the sky and the ground look so lovely together and the ocean and lakes look so amazing surrounding by trees or other green plants in and out of them.

Vancouver, Canada
Vancouver, Canada

I personally love being by water and  find it so incredible to be near and enjoy the sounds, smells and beauty of it all together combined with splashes of colours around in the sand, flowers, reeds, birds and even boats.  My most favourite place to be is by the water which is why you will often see colours in my designs that are inspired by the ocean or lakes, especially in my Spring and Summer Designs.

I think blue and green should always be seen together!  Such a compatible pair don’t you think.  Your garden comes alive with the back drop of  green and adds a stunning background to the earth and it’s beauty.  Take a walk, bike ride or just look out at your window and see how blue and green work together to make this magical view everyday.  Have a wonderful weekend.

3 responses to “I Envy Green”

  1. Blue and green never together? *GASP*. I love putting those two things together, it reminds me of sea glass, nature and life thriving. I completely agree with you!

    1. Love sea glass with softs colours. My favourite coffee mug is this vibrant turquoise hand made by a local artist. It just makes u smile.

      1. How could it not! 😉

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