Hand Spun Treasures

Hand Spun yarn adds such an amazing colour, texture and style to any design.

Hand Spun Treasures
Hand Spun Treasures

The garment is handmade from the top to the bottom of the piece with a special yarn spun with love and great skill.  The skein of art is then passed over to another Artist to create a design with this magnificent yarn.

I am in love with hand spun yarns!  Each skein is a work of art with the stunning array of colours and textures making it unique in every way.  You can’t duplicate the skein no matter how you try and that is what makes it so amazing to work with.  I bought this wonderful collection of hand spun yarn from Yarnarchy on Etsy at https://www.etsy.com/shop/yarnarchy .

This is the second batch of hand spun treasures I have received from Yarnarchy and have loved every moment of working with this beautiful yarn.  Each moment, stitch and row is exciting and unpredictable to see what is coming next on the treasured yarn.   This is why I love it so!  Always a thrill and constantly changing.  As a designer you have to keep up with the yarn as it unravels and takes on it’s new form.  Hand spun yarns are one of my most favourite fibres to work with,  keeping me on my toes and add a wonderful challenge and great interest to any design.  Even a little splash can make a big impact to a garment.

Below are a couple of the designs I made with this wonderful yarn working it through out the design.  Adds such wonderful texture, colour and interest to the scarves.  Pick up a skein or two of  hand spun treasures to work into your next knitting or crochet inspiration.  Change a pattern by adding a little treasure to your next project.  There are amazing spinners in your local area, try one out and see how it makes your design stand out and shout, “I am a Treasure”!

Floral Hand Spun Neck Warmer
Floral Hand Spun Neck Warmer
Nicky Hand Spun Scarf
Nicky Hand Spun Scarf

2 responses to “Hand Spun Treasures”

  1. Beautiful yarns and I too love handspun 🙂

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