Strolling in my Garden

I was strolling around my garden the other day and have to say one of my favourite flowers to plant each year is the Pansy.

Pansy Fingerless Gloves
Pansy Fingerless Gloves

The Pansy is such a versatile and hardy flower with amazing colour combinations.  They dance and move so gracefully in the breeze adding incredible delight to my garden.

I was inspired to design with this wonderful flower with the outcome being the embellished Pansy Fingerless Gloves and the Pansy Cozy Collar Scarf.  Flowers and nature are all around and become an amazing source of inspiration.  What inspires you when you look around.

These designs were made with Debbie Bliss Eco Organic Cotton in the Aran weight.  Sadly this yarn is no longer available, but I luckily have a little stash left.  It was probably the nicest cotton I have used in years and I have no idea why you would discontinue something that is the perfect weight and quality.  I must find a new replacement for this amazing yarn.  If anyone has a favourite cotton in that weight or worsted, let me know I will check it out on my journey in finding a new cotton yarn.

Pansy Cozy Collar Scarf
Pansy Cozy Collar Scarf
Floral Cozy Collar Scarves
Floral Cozy Collar Scarves

I love trying new yarns out.  The yarn is often one of my greatest inspirations to work with.  Sometimes the yarn itself speaks so loudly of what it must become that you just have to follow its lead.  You can view more about these designs at  or

3 responses to “Strolling in my Garden”

  1. I am so in love these. When T and I get back on our feet your mitts on are my to buy on Ravelry list. They really are extraordinary!

    1. Hope things get better soon for you guys. Thanks again for the nice comments. Blushing 🙂

      1. Aww, you’re more than welcome!

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