Free Pattern – Rachelle Chunky Lace Cowl Scarf

The Rachelle Chunky Lace Cowl Scarf is my newest free pattern available on Ravelry, very soon on my website and of course here.

Rachelle Chunky Lace Cowl
Rachelle Chunky Lace Cowl

I have been wanting to write some easy to knit patterns that most people could make for a while.  When I received this amazing yarn from Malabrigo the other week I was immediately inspired to design one.  The Mecha Kettle Dyed Merino Wool is like butter in your hands, lusciously soft with the stunning colours to entice you along your knitted path.  I knew I had to use this yarn for my first free scarf pattern.

In order to keep it easy I worked it in the round with a few rows of lace to add that special elegant touch yet a modern feel with the stripes done in purl stitch adding texture to the design.  The vibrant colour choice, Volcan #227 is so wonderful with it’s orange to a nice rust tone.  The Mecha comes in other amazing colours, view them here at  It was a real treat to work with such wonderful colours and quality of yarn.  I highly suggest you try out their beautiful yarns if you haven’t yet.  They are very addictive!

You can view some of my other designs with this wonderful yarn at my new Etsy store  The Luxe Fiber Knits collection will be various designs that bring the exquisite yarns to life with texture and style.  I will be using high end yarns such as Malabrigo Yarns, ArtYarns, Hand Spun Yarns other specialty yarns to complete these designs. Less embellished give these designs a lighter price tag with the same high end quality of my other designs.  The Mecha by Malabrigo will be one of the feature yarns used on designs on Luxe Fiber Knits.

Rachelle Chunky Lace Cowl
Rachelle Chunky Lace Cowl

I hope you enjoy this pattern.  If you make one let me know how you liked it.  Off to design more with this wonderful yarn.

8 responses to “Free Pattern – Rachelle Chunky Lace Cowl Scarf”

  1. I love it, it’s already in my queue! Thanks so much for sharing!

  2. Love this! I have just bought some really chunky yarn too.

  3. To quote the Golden Girls: Thank you for being a friend! You are a true inspiration to me and to show you how much you are appreciated I have nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award!

    1. Love the Golden Girls. Watch it with my daughter almost daily. Wow, thanks so much, very kind of you! 🙂 Just wanted to cheer you up. I am honoured to have helped! Thanks tons!

      Where do you nominate people? This is new to me. You are also very inspiring. Very cheerful, yet going through so many things! It will turn around yet!

      1. You nominate them on your blog and just link it up on the post! You can nominate up to 15 people, if it helps then link back to to who nominated me for the rules!

  4. In Answer to allnightknits questions:
    1. what is my favourite blog on my site? It’s hard to pick, but I think the the Free Pattern, Rachelle Chunky Lace Cowl Scarf. I think giving back to others is awesome and if I can inspire someone to knit or create than I have succeeded my goals!
    2. Did you consider blogging about any other subject? If yes, what? Recipies! I have a lot of allergies and have to make up my own all the time. I would do one on recipies for people who have the same issues.
    3. Is there a particular time or place when inspiration strikes you? If yes, when and where? It hits me where ever and when ever.

    Not sure if I did this right. Here goes anyways.

  5. Thanks everyone for your kind comments!

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