Naturally Embellished! By a Dragonfly!

Dragonfly Embellishment!
Dragonfly Embellishment!

This is definitely a One of a Kind scarf that I could in no way plan ahead as this beautiful Dragonfly decided to land on one of my designs while I was selling them at the local Farmers Market.  I hadn’t seen it land and had no idea it was there until I went to grab the scarf and felt something strange.  I of course preceded to scream in surprise, then a “yuck” followed suit (only because it felt so strange).  The surprising part is that the Dragonfly continued to sit there for a while as I showed it off to some of the customers that were looking at my scarves.  This One of a Kind Design is a “natural choice”!  I was honoured to have this huge Dragonfly come by for a visit only to be blessed a second time as another one landed on a different scarf later that day.  Apparently my designs make a great place for Nature to hang out!

Spider Web, Natures crochet!
Spider Web, Natures crochet!

This brings me to a picture I took last week of this beautiful spider web.  I was instantly inspired by the design and thought about how a spider is likely Natures best crocheter.  Ever sit and watch a spider make a web, it is like they are crocheting.  I sat and watched one on my porch one morning while having my coffee and was intrigued at the technique of such a small creature.    Looking at the spider web closely made me realize how inspiration can even be from the insect world.  I hadn’t thought about insects as a source of inspiration before, but now I am awakened at the idea of a new venue to draw from.   Who knows where this new direction will take me.

How does Nature inspire you?

3 responses to “Naturally Embellished! By a Dragonfly!”

  1. I am just in love with this. If I had your talent I would quit my day job and knit all day long – no joke! Your accident may have sucked but as far as your designing goes it was the best thing to ever happen to another knitters everywhere 😉

    Seriously, you are an inspiration!

    1. Wow 🙂 Thanks from my heart! Such a wonderful comment to wake up to. I am inspired by you too. I love all the new hats you are making. You are very talented! Your wonderful comments and others I hear inspire me to do more!

      We all know that the real reason we do this is so we can buy more yarn!!!! 🙂 Thanks, you are very kind.

      1. Your too kind and you more than deserved that comment. And yes, I work so diligently on my knitting so I can buy more yarn! 🙂

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