Fingerless Gloves, “Take 1”

Rach X-Long Fingerless Gloves
Rach X-Long Fingerless Gloves

One of my favourite items to design are Fingerless Gloves.  They are so practical where I live.  Having something to warm your hands in this techno savvy world yet keeping your fingers free to use is a perfect addition to your wardrobe in the cooler seasons.  The Rach X-Long Fingerless Gloves are my elbow length hand warmers.  I used two strands of yarn to get the texture and colours I was trying to achieve.  A mix of two hand painted merino wools or a hand painted merino wool with an alpaca yarn was used.  In this case I used Malabrigo Worsted Merino and Malabrigo Rios Merino yarns.

Rach X-Long Fingerless Gloves
Rach X-Long Fingerless Gloves

I love making these dramatic hand warmers and have to say they are one of the designs that catch peoples attention when I am at the local Farmers Market.  People just have to try them on.  It is interesting to watch what attracts different peoples attention in my booth.  I love the interaction with my customers and hearing their viewpoints on my designs.  There are always those who don’t appreciate the price point, but once I explain the fibers I am using they start to understand.  I have always believed if you are taking the time to make something special you should use the best quality yarns you can afford.  It takes time to make each piece and you want to make sure it lasts.  Besides if you are going to all this effort aren’t you worthy of a something special.

Rach X-Long Fingerless Gloves
Rach X-Long Fingerless Gloves

This set is done in burgundy.  You can see my newest designs at or my website and link to Etsy from there.   I am currently working on new designs including the new Rose Onie Fingerless Gloves in various colours perfect for fall.  Just link below to view.   This style comes in Red, Black, Grey, Ivory, Natural, Silver with the roses the same colour or in a contrasting colour of your choice.  I will be posting more of these colours in the next few days.   It compliments the Rose Onie Scarf, first link below. As well I am currently designing an Ear Warmer to match.  Look for it soon.

I hope you find inspiration today to try something new.  Have a fantastic day!

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