My Knitting has gone to the Dogs!

Dog neck warmer or is it an ear warmer?
Dog neck warmer or is it an ear warmer?

My knitting has gone to the dogs, Mocha in this case.  This is our family dog Mocha who is an amazing dog for sure. The only thing negative about her is she would probably lick you to death. 🙂  The other day she was bugging me to play with her so I grabbed my daughters ear warmer and off we went.  I was so proud of my daughter when she asked me for some yarn to knit something.  Such a special moment for any artist to see their offspring want to dabble in their form of art.  We sometimes sit beside each other in knitted bliss working away on our next project.  I love every moment of it! 🙂

Back to my dog knits….. sometimes I get distracted.  When I threw this lovely ear warmer on Mocha she loved it and just pranced around.  Had to take some pictures to show her modeling skills.   I think my daughters mocha coloured ear warmer found the perfect home on Mocha! Who would have thought you could share your accessories with your dog!  I am inspired again by something I hadn’t thought about.  Have you made any pet knitwear?  Just think of the fun it would be to design something outrageous for your favourite pet.   Have a great week!  Happy knitting and crocheting.

My daughters ear warmer
My daughters ear warmer

4 responses to “My Knitting has gone to the Dogs!”

  1. Ha! That picture made my Friday!! Cute!

    1. Thanks. Glad you liked it. Have a great day!

  2. She is so adorable in it. Is Mocha a Pekingese? Just wondering because we have one.

    1. Actually Mocha is a shih Tzu, but likely from the Pekingese mixed gene pool as apparently many years ago they were either mixed with Pekingese or another breed. (at that is what I am told by others) 🙂 She has such a short face and my guess is she is from that blood line. I love Pekingese. They are very cute too!

      I’m thinking I should make her a sweater! Then embellish it. 🙂

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