Dreaming of the Ocean…Eclectic Waves Scarf, Ear Warmer, Fingerless Gloves

Eclectic Waves Scarf
Eclectic Waves Scarf
Eclectic Waves Ear Warmer, Fingerless Gloves
Eclectic Waves Ear Warmer, Fingerless Gloves

Dreaming of the Ocean inspired the new Fall collection the Eclectic Waves Ear Warmer and Fingerless Gloves sets that compliment the Eclectic Waves neck warmer scarves.  These designs have a water theme and are based on the ocean or a body of water at different times of the day.  The Teal collection is the ocean colours during the day, the Orange collection is the ocean at sunset with the oranges and a hint of blue for the sky and water, The Dark collection is the ocean at midnight with the deep colours and accented with blues, purple and greens, and finally the purple collection is the ocean at sunrise with the purples and splashes of blues for the water and sky.

Eclectic Waves Ear Wamer, Fingerless Gloves
Eclectic Waves Ear Wamer, Fingerless Gloves

One of my favourite places to be is by the water on the sand just sitting or walking around.  It just brings such peace to a hectic day.  The sounds, smells and the atmosphere is fantastic.  I used to live by Lake Ontario and spent a few years in Vancouver by the ocean, we spent a lot of time by the water and beach.  I miss it everyday.  Designing this collection makes me feel like the water and beach is right here with me.

I am lucky to live near a set of lovely ponds behind our house and I enjoy walking the dog around watching the birds and other animals.  I still miss the Lake and Ocean views and just hanging out enjoying the scenery.   I can just hear the waves now or maybe it is the fountain running in my back yard :).  None the less, I love being by water!  I am in the process of designing more water themed scarves some with detailed embellishing and all a little different as there are so many types of bodies of water.  Most of all I want to feel like I am near the ocean on those cold winter days and dream of the coming spring and summer when I will find myself near a lake or ocean again.

Eclectic Waves Scarf Sunset
Eclectic Waves Scarf Sunset

Water is a wealth of inspiration just waiting to be discovered.  Oceans, lakes, the sea, water falls, rivers, ponds and the like are different wherever you go.  Both in and out of the bodies of water flow many different colours, textures, objects, styles and more to inspire your latest work of art.  It is calming and terrifying at the same time.  Exciting, beautiful, strong, soft, and such a contrast within it’s self always adding interesting features every moment you look at it.  Constantly changing and evolving each minute.  You never know what you will see or be inspired by each and every day being different with water.  The colour can change with in the same moments and the very same day.  These are the things that are inspiring my Water Theme designs.  I am currently working on some other pieces to this collection so be sure to pop by for another visit soon.  You can see more of my designs on the links below.

Midnight on the Ocean Eclectic Waves set
Midnight on the Ocean
Eclectic Waves set



Eclectic Waves Scarf
Eclectic Waves Scarf

7 responses to “Dreaming of the Ocean…Eclectic Waves Scarf, Ear Warmer, Fingerless Gloves”

  1. I love everything about this post! And your work is always STUNNING and a great inspiration.

    1. Thanks Hannah. I am so glad you like it. I really appreciate you read it. 🙂 Love your work too!

  2. I love ALL those colors! If you ever want to give anything away for free – well – I am here for you my friend 😉

    1. Thanks, it’s so nice of you to be there for me. 🙂 I will keep you on my list.

      1. Oh no! a list?
        Gesh, well I guess it is only fair that I wait my turn 😉

      2. Oh, your first on the list. I just started it today. 🙂

      3. BEST news I’ve heard all day!!!!! 🙂

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