Vancouver Bound…

Perfect time in Vancouver taking a break from our very long and cold winter. Couldn’t wait till our trees and flowers bloomed here so I took a quick trip to the coast to get my floral, ocean and mountain fix. The weather was amazing with sunny and warm days throughout the trip helping my family and myself thaw after the cold winter we had here.

I love Vancouver, it is easily my favourite place to be. This is a small collection of pictures that I took along our trip which includes many of my favourite places in the Vancouver area. I am always inspired by the nature, ocean, mountains and the city life that abounds in this wonderful city. I have included a shawl I recently designed with thoughts of Vancouver prior to my trip as I was dreaming of the standing on the beach watching the water and it’s magnificent movements and sounds. I will have more pictures to share soon as well as more information about this new design that will be patterned at some point so you can make your own version.

I also had the pleasure of popping into SweetGeorgia Yarns for a peek at their amazing facility and stunning yarns. I will share more on this in a future blog as well as the beautiful array of colours and yarns I picked up on my visit. I will be adding their yarns to my Etsy site with patterns I will be writing soon so you can make one of my designs for yourselves. Come back soon for more…have a wonderful day today!!

6 thoughts on “Vancouver Bound…

  1. Great pics. It is lovely on the coast at the moment, isn’t it. Vancouver is such a nice city, are you there for the long weekend too?

  2. I love Vancouver..we’ve chatted about this some of my Seattle beach scenes look so similar!! Looking at your Stanley Park pics brought back some good memories!! And that shawl…oh my gosh, it’s incredible!!!

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