ARTIST SPOTLIGHT…At the Alberta Craft Council Gallery

architectural stone wall lace shawl scarf1a

I wanted to thank the Alberta Craft Council Gallery for giving me the opportunity to be the Artist Spotlight this month at such an amazing venue. You can see more about the Artist Spotlight here:   I appreciate this wonderful opportunity to spread my wings and design something new this year.  It may not be new here on my blog, but the inspiration for finding something special for the Artist Spotlight this month was the starting point of my Architectural Collection I have been busy working on this fall.  I wanted to design a group of designs that were different from my past ones, so I went to the past era’s to find my inspiration.

Gothic Inspired Architectural designs is my newest collection.  For years I have been inspired by the amazing Architecture of the past. While taking my Interior Decorating and Interior Design the one group of courses I couldn’t get enough of were Art and Architectural History. The fact that one building can take various decades and more to complete with various architects, designers, painters and the many people it takes to achieve these greatly detailed features of the architectural buildings of the past. I could go on and on about this subject, but it would take a life time to talk about it all.

Above are some of my most recent Architectural designs in the Stone Tracery collection including  some One of a Kind pieces.  The first Gothic Cathedral Shawl Scarf is made with a “stone wall” effect on the base of the scarf in dark stone colours with crockets and tracery around the edge as seen on Gothic Architecture. Each end is finished with a rose window effect, showing the outside view of these amazing buildings of the past.  I have added two brooches to this design to accent and fasten the piece where you want.  The first is the Gothic Cathedral brooch in the shape of a cross as Gothic Cathedrals were usually built in that shape during this era.  The second brooch is one of my Stained Glass Rose windows which was also a predominate feature on buildings during this time period.  This one of a kind piece and some of the other designs are available at the Alberta Craft Council Gallery at or on my Etsy store at  The other scarves are various examples of my other work in this section of my Architectural Collection.  There are others in this collection too as I continue to evolve this venture into new and exciting designs.

The Gothic Stained Glass Rose Window Scarf is inspired by the architectural features of the Gothic Cathedrals of the past. These sculptural Gothic Stained Glass scarf has an embellished Stained Glass Rose Window which was a prominent feature on Gothic Cathedrals and buildings of that era.  As I chatted about in my previous blogs I adore vintage buildings and the amazing and exquisite architecture of the past. Stained Glass windows have always caught my attention in these beautiful buildings of the past and current. Perhaps that is why about 10 years ago I took classes on Stained Glass and made various pieces for my home. The time, skill and artistry that goes into designing and making one small window is an enormous task, but worth every moment when you see the light dancing through the wonderful colours of the pattern.

Gothic Architecture incorporates many stained glass windows as the flying buttresses used in design made it possible to have many more windows than previous architecture design. I believe this is a big reason why I love this Architecture so very much. A stained glass window has two sides with different effects on each of them. I have tried to portray this in some of the Gothic Stained Glass Rose Window Scarves above.  I have others I have designed including ear warmers, longer and smaller scarves as well that you can see at the locations listed at the bottom of this blog.

The last picture is designed with the half of the view of the Rose Window from the outside looking in the the elaborate tracery of stone and a hint of the colours of stained glass beneath. The other side of the Stained Glass  shows the view of from the inside of the cathedral with the more vibrant colours dancing about and the detailed metal pieces holding the work together. Tracery and elaborate stone features were an exquisite feature of these beautiful works of art. This design is done on a vintage essence base which adds to the overall effect.

The metal buttons on many of the the scarves are reminiscent of the Quartrefoil shape often seen on the Gothic Inspired Cathedrals and buildings or have a stone tracery effect.

Thank you again to the Alberta Craft Council Gallery for asking me to be the Artist Spotlight for December.  I am truly thankful for the continued inspiration and guidance you as a group give myself and many other Artists in our careers.  We couldn’t do it with out you.  The opportunities that you have given me are outstanding and always interesting to do helping me grow and expand my creativity.   The amazing contribution you give to the community is outstanding and a true blessing in each of our lives.  Thank you for all your hard work in helping us grow and succeed in our ventures and the Art and local community. MANY THANKS!! 🙂

If you are looking for that amazing and unique gift that is something special for those you care about pop into the Alberta Craft Council for a vast array of wonderful locally made gifts.  Many items to choose from and while your there take some time to check out the amazing Art pieces in the various gallery sections.  It’s a wonderful place to be inspired and enjoy the beautiful Art work of many Artists.  I recently went to their “Twas the Night” and found wonderful gifts for some of my favourite people.  I have many other design styles there as well to choose from. All kinds of price points too that are perfect for gift giving.  Have a wonderful day today!

Where to purchase my designs:



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