Christmas Rose Scarves

Christmas Rose scarves add that special touch to the holidays and can be worn after as well.  I wanted to add a special scarf with hand warmers coming later this week to add a Christmas Cheer to your day.  I love Christmas as my mother always made is such a special time of year so I felt it fitting to add the roses from her Rose Onie Scarves I designed in memory of her.  She was the most incredible woman I have ever met and I was extremely fortunate that she was my mom!!  I miss and love you mom!  At Christmas it always feel like she is here with us as we continue many of the Christmas moments she began and enjoy the wonderful memories of the past while making new ones along the way.  Take the time this year to love those around you and spend time with them.  They are the ones that matter the most and truly the best gifts you will ever receive!

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2 responses to “Christmas Rose Scarves”

  1. These are lovely and look really festive. Just beautiful!

  2. Wow Gorgeous! Oh and your scarves look nice too ;P

    Joy xx.

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