Bee Happy – Photo Shoot mishaps

bee happy photo shoot6

Bee Happy – Photo Shoot mishaps:

Yesterday while my daughter (aka. Fashion Blogger and my model Joy from and I were taking pictures for my fall designs that we are collaborating together once again called the A Little Detail Collection we had a bee buzzing around trying to get our attention and become part of the photo shoot.  These great mishap pictures are of my daughter hearing the bee buzzing behind her head on these beautiful crab apple blossoms.

You can see more of the A Little Detail Collection that includes this Ashley long crochet scarf and other designs in various colours at and

bee happy photo shoot1

bee happy photo shoot

bee happy photo shoot2bee happy photo shoot4bee happy photo shoot3

bee happy photo shoot5


5 responses to “Bee Happy – Photo Shoot mishaps”

  1. What wonderfully candid photos of Joy. I love them.

    1. Thanks, had lots of fun laughing and enjoying the afternoon.

  2. Bee and all they turned out great!

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