Crochet Christmas Dress – for my Dog!

Ms. Santa Paws is here with her beautiful Christmas dress just in time for the Season.   Adding some Christmas Joy and Happiness with the model below aka. my daughter and Fashion Blogger  Our dog Mocha is a wonderful dog who has been such an amazing addition to our family bringing peace, joy and love that I want to pass on to you this Christmas.

I just had to design and make her a special dress with a bit of sparkle like her personality.   Adorned with two white Christmas Roses and some holly leaves and berries on one side of the dress.  On the other side I chose to leave plain to show how cute this dress is on it’s own.  The yarn I used is from  (Lots of new colours of their yarn now on my sites at with the trim bling yarn from  Both are beautiful luxurious yarns you would not usually use on your dogs dress, but it’s Christmas and you need a touch of bling.  Why not spoil Mocha since she gives to us all year round without asking for anything back.   I had such a great time designing this for her, she is such a special part of our family.

We also have a cat, but there is no way we could ever put anything like this on her.  I once tried putting a harness on her so she could go outside.  LOL  She became this amazing break dancer spinning around on her back.  It was so funny, but obvious it wasn’t going to happen again.  🙂

I wish everyone a most wonderful Christmas!!!!  Don’t forget to pass on giving to those around you in need.  I will be donating a over 50 scarves I have made and some hand warmers to local shelters to help keep others warm this winter.  I am mentioning this as I want to challenge you to do what you can for those in need this year.  Even 1 hat, scarf or a set of mittens helps.  You don’t have to make them, buy them and pass on the warmth this season to those who need them.

Merry Christmas from myself at Valerie Baber Designs to you!!

New yarns, patterns and designs available at:


3 responses to “Crochet Christmas Dress – for my Dog!”

  1. That is so cute! It really suits her.

  2. Fantastic, but I’m not sure if my Luna would wear it.

    1. Thanks so much! Mocha wasn’t sure about it at first, but warmed up to the idea as she was wearing it.

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