Playing with plaid – weaving a scarf for my husband

Playing with Plaid while I was weaving a scarf for my husband. A personal request from my husband who wanted a scarf in his favourite colour from Sweetgeorgia Yarns Chili Chocolate (this colour is no longer available but there is a similar one). I decided to do a plaid version as if feel it is a nice design for a man but instead of weaving the plaid throughout the scarf I chose to only weave it at the bottoms and leave the middle with a more subtle strip pattern due to the warping. The colours in the stripes are a brown and a beige to give a more neutral effect to the design. The base colour yarn is a hand painted yarn and adds lots of splashes of subtle colour changes throughout the design. I am currently weaving another “plaid” style pattern where the yarn does most of the work because of how it is dyed. I will show pictures of this scarf at a later date.

Weaving with a plaid design is very enjoyable as it is interesting and keeps you focused while weaving. My next goal is to try a much bigger scarf that has a deconstructed plaid essence. The pattern I found was in my Handwoven ( That weaving adventure is for another day!

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Have a fibertastic day!

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