Floral Blossoms and Lace scarf crochet pattern

Floral Blossoms and Lace
by Valerie Baber Designs

The Floral Blossom and Lace Scarf features an elegant lace design with a modern essence and a lovely floral blossom accent. Inspired by the floral blossoms that adorn the trees and bushes in the spring giving us a sign of new beginnings and beautiful moments to come. The lace adds a lighter flair to the design so you can wear it in most seasons. Perfect in a merino wool or other cozy yarns for the fall and winter or make it in a silk or linen yarn for the cool spring and summer days adding a floral touch to your wardrobe.

The Floral Blossoms and Lace scarf would be lovely in a ivory on the base with delicate pink floral blossoms. Another way would be to make it in a neutral tone like gray or beige with a subtle darker or lighter shade on the blossoms. You could also use the blossom as any five petal flower pattern, change the colour and you have your new favourite flower scarf. Make the design shorter and smaller and you have the perfect accent scarf for your wardrobe. There are lots of way to crochet this scarf suit into your wardrobe and style.

You can purchase all three patterns together for a discount in the Floral Blossom Collection available on my other listings.

Etsy store: www.valeriebaberdesigns.etsy.com or Ravelry www.ravelry.com/designers/valerie-baber

Designed with sock/fingerling weight yarn so you can wear it in most seasons. The hand warmers can also be made without the embellishments for a modern contemporary style. Make it in multiple colours, two toned colours, hand painted yarns or a solid colour to suit your wardrobe and style. Floral Blossom scarf patterns are available to match this design.

Also available:

The Floral Blossom Collection includes the Floral Blossom Neck Warmer Scarf, Floral Blossom Hand Warmers and the Floral Blossoms and Lace Scarf crochet patterns.  SAVE BY PURCHASING THE COLLECTION TOGETHER: Regular price when purchased separately. $24.00, when purchased together in this collection you save $4.00. Collection price: $20.00.

Warm up your day with a beautiful floral blossoms crochet pattern today! You can change up the colours and blossom placement to make it your unique style.

Various crochet patterns by Valerie Baber Designs are available at: 

Etsy store: www.valeriebaberdesigns.etsy.com or Ravelry www.ravelry.com/designers/valerie-baber

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Have a fibertastic day!

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