Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas and New Years this year! Please be safe. Thank you for visiting my blog throughout this past year. I am greatly appreciated! I have been busy working on new crochet patterns and new ready to wear scarf designs for 2022. Follow along to see my latest designs. All my best to you. Have a great Season of Joy! See you next year!

I love making things at Christmas time. This year I found these wonderful Christmas decoration crochet patterns at Krea Deluxe. Their patterns are well written and beautiful with lots of photos etc. I am making these Christmas balls for one of our Christmas trees in different colours with a softer muted essence in blue, green, pink, ivory and gray. I have made some creative changes at my end to suit my style for the tree they will adorn. The yarns I used were specialty yarns from my stash to add a bit of sparkle or texture to each design. They included luxurious fibers like cashmere, silk, sparkle yarn, kid mohair and some with beads and sequins. Accented each one with a contrasting colour from the colours I used on the bases or a special touch of metallic with a pewter coloured yarn with a touch of sparkle or a gold silk and kid mohair yarn that had lovely tiny beads and sequins sparatically throughout the strands. The base of each decoration was made in merino wool yarn I had in my yarn stash. I tried to make each one different to add additional creativity to our Christmas tree.

The ornaments are also great for decorating around the house in a bowl or a table setting, hanging on door nobs, or placed on a shelf. So many ways you can use these beautiful handmade treasures. They also make amazing gifts for those you care about or top off the wrapping of the gift with a handmade decoration.

I really am enjoying making these and thought I would share them with you. I think I am addicted to making them as I bought more of their decorations patterns to try out including some Easter themed patterns. They have other great knitting and crochet patterns including scarves, sweaters, bags, decorations for other seasons and Christmas and more. Their yarn is exquisite. My new favourite.…/1288-minikugler-e-opskrift…

I also purchased their Advent Calendar for crochet and will post my new handmade items from Krea Deluxe in the New Year. See more of their beautiful patterns and yarn at

Be sure to change to English at the top of the website so you can read it. If you are going to purchase patterns look for the English Patterns in the pattern sections otherwise they will not be in English.

Warm your winter with a beautiful scarf or make your own with various crochet patterns from Valerie Baber Designs. Scarves you can wear for years to come!

Various crochet patterns by Valerie Baber Designs so you can make your own are available at: 




YARN is available on my Etsy store: Etsy

HANDMADE SCARVES and other items:  Etsy

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Happy crocheting and have a fibertastic day!

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