NEW! Floral Bouquet Scarf with a various flowers, blossoms & lavender on a purple gradient scarf, luxurious merino wool. Floral Bouquet Neck Warmer style scarf is designed just for you to warm your day with a contemporary yet classic style and a floral touch. Inspired by peaceful moments walking along a garden path or bouquets of beautiful flowers keeping you warm with memories of summer days. The scarf base is a one of a kind with the gradient yarn effect from lighter to darker. Accented with various type of flowers like you would see in a beautiful bouquet. Finished off with intricate metal buttons. This will be a favourite scarf to wear for years to come with the classic design and floral touch. More colours to come soon!

Crocheted with luxurious soft merino wool yarns to keep you warm and cozy with elegance. Handmade and designed by myself (Valerie Baber).

The Floral Bouquet Scarves are perfect for any wardrobe and can be worn on your coat, jacket, sweater, shirt or t-shirt. A wonderful accent with an elegant floral touch. I also have various styles of crochet patterns designed by myself and yarn so you can make your own scarf.

All my designs are hand knit, hand woven and crocheted with great care and durability and can be worn for many years to come. To preserve the yarn and longevity of wear the design must be hand washed and laid flat to dry. This style of scarf is great for when you want to add a unique and creative touch to your design.

Some of the newest Floral scarf designs that have bloomed at Valerie Baber Designs:

Other new styles are available. Warm your winter with a beautiful scarf from Valerie Baber Designs. Scarves you can wear for years to come!

Various crochet patterns by Valerie Baber Designs so you can make your own are available at: 




YARN is available on my Etsy store: Etsy

HANDMADE SCARVES and other items:  Etsy

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Happy crocheting and have a fibertastic day!

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