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Contemporary Landscape Scarf inspired by landscapes in the colours & texture of the scarf. Made with 100% hand painted merino wool and available in ocean blues, majestic mountains, snow drifts. Inspired by the beautiful landscapes that surround us no matter where we live. The texture of the scarves in the Contemporary Landscape Collection are reminiscent waves, rivers, rolling hills or mountains, snow drifts, prairie fields, leaves, sandy beaches, desert dunes, forests and many different landscapes around the world with the added inspiration of the colours making the perfect landscape inspired scarf. The classic and contemporary essence is great for any style or wardrobe.

In this group of Contemporary Landscape scarves each scarf colour is chosen to resemble the landscape I want to portray. The majestic mountains in a dark gray hand painted yarn that has subtle variances of colours of gray from lighter to darker like the mountains. Imagine skiing down the mountain on a sunny day in the snow wearing a landscape scarf in the snow drifts colour (light ivory) to keep you warm and add a special touch to your wardrobe. Or memories of walking or sitting along the waters edge watching the waves gently meet the shore with the beautiful ocean blues (also represents your favourite lake, river or other body of water). The Contemporary Landscape scarf is perfectly light, yet very warm with the 100% hand painted merino wool.

Colours available: (More colours coming soon, check out my Etsy store link to see other colours)

Ocean Blues: blue
Majestic Mountains: dark gray
Snow Drifts: light ivory

Made with luxurious hand painted merino wool. The contemporary landscape scarves add a cozy warmth to your wardrobe adding a perfect scarf accent to adorn their favourite coat, sweater or T shirt.

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