Weaving Dishcloths for Spring!

Weaving Spring Dish Cloths:

With spring in the air, though we still have snow everywhere, I wanted to weave some new dishcloths with a lighter colour way. My goal was to use this project to learn and practice using a pick up stick to make patterns on my dishcloths. Dishcloths are a great way to learn weaving techniques as they are small and use cotton fibers which are less expensive then the merino wool I usually use. If I make a mistake it is not a costly one and I feel more free to try things out knowing that it is not at a great cost. The size of the dishcloth is perfect for learning as you can try out many different styles of weaving in less time.

For the pick up stick pattern I used book “the weavers idea book” by Jane Patrick. This is a must have book if you are learning to weave. The photos are wonderful and large so you can see how the stitches should look. The instructions are easy to follow and there is a vast array of weaving techniques to learn. I chose patterns from the weft float sampler by Melissa Ludden Hankens. For the first dishcloth I chose the 3/1 lace pattern shown below. This turned out to be my favourite for the dishcloth pattern. Using a pick up stick is more complicated and you have to stay alert more keeping track of the pattern, but I have to say I really enjoyed working with pick up sticks on my rigid heddle loom. It was more interesting to weave and exciting to see what the outcome would be. I began with warping various stripes in a gradient fashion from dark to light. I thought this would make an interesting effect on the dishcloths. Again, experimenting on dishcloths is a great place to learn and try things out. You end up with items you can always use or give away as gifts. Less wasted practice yarn.

For the second dishcloth I used the 3/1 lace variation.

For the third dishcloth I used the 5/1 lace variation. Though I see I changed the pattern a bit in the latter half of the dishcloth. Experimenting without even knowing it! LOL

I love weaving on my rigid heddle loom and dream of one day having a bigger loom but if you can afford a bigger look the rigid heddle loom is a wonderful choice to begin weaving on. There are so many techniques to learn and master. I think I want to try a pattern where you use multiple pick up sticks next. I just received my cotton yarns for my summer inspired dishcloths and dishtowels on my list of weaving projects to do. My next project is another Friendship Factor Project with my good friend Lisa where we will be making a pillow using 2 heddles. Have a wonderful day, see you soon!

Coming soon: New yarns will be added to my Etsy store soon including some cotton and silk blends, bamboo sustainable eco friendly yarn and pure cotton perfect for your spring and summer projects as well as all year round. I will also be adding a lovely merino wool and cashmere blend to my Etsy store in the next month. Followed by some merino wool DK weight yarn in beautiful colours. Lots of new yarns coming soon perfect for your crochet, knitting, weaving and other crafts.

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Happy crocheting and have a fibertastic day!

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