Crochet Pattern Collections – 8 different collections with a discount when purchased as a collection.

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NOTE: This beautiful collection of photos in the story reel and social media on my Instagram are designed by my amazing daughter, Rachelle. She has such a talent for creating beautiful social media content. I am so very proud of her and what she has accomplished. Thanks Rachelle for everything you do to help me with Valerie Baber Designs!

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Hello & good day to you! I wanted to let you know that I have been working really hard behind the scenes to create a variety of crochet pattern collections for you to purchase and I am excited to announce they are finally ready. Only available on my Etsy store as a discount collection price. When purchased together in the collection you save $8.00 on the 4 pattern collections and $4.00 on the 3 pattern collections. I have changed a few that already existed and have added a couple more. Next week I will be adding another crochet pattern collection of some of my newest designs for Fall 2022. Each pattern is also available separately for your convenience.

Each of these collections save you money when purchased together. The 4 pattern collections are regular $28.00 cdn when purchased separately, you save $8.00 cdn when purchased together with the crochet pattern collection price being only $20.00 cdn. One of the collections is only 3 patterns $21.00 cdn when purchased separately, you save $4.00 cdn when purchased together the price being $17.00 cdn as a collection.

There are currently 8 Crochet Pattern Collections that range from beginner to intermediate levels of crochet. Various styles including classic, contemporary, floral, nature inspired, lace, architectural inspired, modern and more. Most of my crochet patterns are scarves for women, but I do have some scarf patterns perfect for men too. Several unisex patterns are also available perfect for anyone and any wardrobe.

See my Pattern section here: PATTERNS

See my Etsy store here: ETSY

Big reveal next week of 3 new crochet patterns for Fall 2022! I decided to release the patterns early so you can add them you to your summer crochet projects list and enjoy crocheting some new designs for your wardrobe. Some of my scarf patterns can be worn year round.

Warm your day with a beautiful scarf, hand warmers, crochet pattern or yarn from Valerie Baber Designs. Handmade scarves, hand warmers, crochet patterns so you can make your own and more are available too. Scarves and hand warmers you can wear for years to come!

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Happy crocheting and have a fibertastic day!

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