Landscape inspired art is a wonderful way to warm up the cold days with memories of moments by the beach.

Landscape inspired art is a wonderful way to warm up the cold days with memories of moments by the beach. I recently received a beautiful felted heart from another artist with the theme of a misty autumn day at the beach. One of my favourite places to be is by the beach. I especially love Vancouver beaches that are surrounded by mountains and the ocean giving us a sense of peace and tranquility. Recently I began chatting to Lan (the artist of this beautiful felted heart) about places in Canada we have been to and the many amazing moments nature has given us along the way. The misty autumn day at the beach felted heart was inspired by beautiful beaches she has seen. You can read a bit about the felted heart below.

The colours on this felted heart are so beautiful! The blues and greens in the water, blues and whites in the sky, beige and golds for the sand, greens, reds, orange for the trees in autumn, the various colours on the pebbles topped off with the misty white fibre for the fog are the perfect selection for this scene. The second side (second photo) is a close up of the first side. On this side there is a heart drawn in the sand like you would on your beach adventure. The pebbles have white sections on them like you might see at the beach. On the first side you see the beautiful landscape scene in all it’s glory making you feel like you are standing there watching the waves splashing about walking along the waters edge. There are so many other features to talk about this beautiful felted heart, I would need a much bigger blog to cover it all. The fine details are so wonderfully done. It truly makes this design come to life. I hope that Lan will continue to create such beautiful artistic pieces. Lan’s blog is:

Inspiration in art can come from almost anything. I recently have been working hard to design a group of landscape inspired designs. There are various styles and sizes of scarves to choose from. Landscapes of Canada are varied and so very beautiful. I will be adding more in the future as well. I hope you are inspired by this blog to create something new inspired by nature. Have an amazing day!

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One response to “Landscape inspired art is a wonderful way to warm up the cold days with memories of moments by the beach.”

  1. Hello Valerie,

    What a beautiful blog you’ve written about the felt heart. Thank you so much. I could never describe better the felt heart as you did in this blog. As you mentioned, this felt heart was crafted with in mind, our exchanges of correspondence, about the love we share for the beaches, nature, mountains, pebbles and much more of the wonders that Mother Nature embraces us in. The close up face representing the beach with the pebbles, was inspired by a gifted fiber artist, who knits are so whimsical and intricate, with nature inspired landscapes from places she loves, the flowers from her garden and the roses her mother loved. Every day, my neck and hands thank you for the hug and elegant embrace from your timeless silky soft knits.

    It’s my turn to thank you Valerie, for sharing with me the Love of nature and inspired me to continue crafting more… And last but not least, your Gothic Cathedral rosacea scarves, so stunning, they belong to a museum exhibition. You have elevated the crochet and knitting to the next level. All this Love and gifted skills of yours is felt and heard. Each of your knit, speaks to me in their Love language, and they say “I wanna hug you sofly, now! ”


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