Weaving new dish towels with a wintery blue essence.

Recently finished weaving some new dish towels for my kitchen. My goal was to use wintery colours of blue, green, white and gray like you would see in nature on a cold winter day. The white snow falling about on a gray cloudy day with green evergreen trees speckled around and a touch of blue sky in the distance making a beautiful winters day. I chose to warp my loom in a somewhat random stripe pattern with a free form essence as I want these towels to be designed in the moment. I love designing free form without a pattern sometimes just to see what will happen. There is definitely a risk doing this, but it can also be very rewarding. I personally feel this experiment was a success. I woven 2 dish towels on the same warp with a different stripe pattern to see how it would turn out. The first one below is my favourite one.

For the second dish towel I added dark green and navy blue stripes and a different weft pattern. I like the boldness of this dish towel.

Weaving dish towels is a great way to practice patterns and techniques in weaving as well as experiments you want to try. The cotton yarn is less expensive and you end up with some thing you can keep for your home or give away as a gift. The other perk is they are small projects so you can try many more patterns and techniques in less time and for less money. I must worn you weaving dish towels is addictive and truly enjoyable. Try your hand at weaving with a rigid heddle loom today.

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