Christmas Colours Inspired Mug Rugs

Add a touch of Christmas cheer this year with a set of mug rugs. For this set I warped my Rigid Heddle Loom and a 12.5 dent reed with 68 warp ends with a 4/2 cotton. Makes great Christmas gifts for those you care about or want to thank. You could make each one a different colour for a family like I have so each member has a one of a kind mug rug to enjoy.

To achieve a wider mug rug for large mugs I chose to do a warp that is wider than the length of the final mug rug. I warped a length of approximately 55 inches. I made 4 mug rugs 5 inches long (they are approximately 6.5 “ wide) making sure I had at least 5 inches in between each mug rugs for the fringe. I chose 2 base colours which included a dark gray and a light gray. Below are some of my pattern notes. Side note, this was my first time weaving with cotton. The yarn I used is Maurice Brassard 4/8 cotton.

Warp: Starting with *dark gray warp 4 ends, light gray warp 4 ends*, repeat * to * across for 68 warp ends total. You could make it less than 68 warp ends so you end up with a smaller mug rug, but I wanted wider ones.

Weaving the weft: Each mug rug started with 6 weft picks of either the light or dark gray. For the remainder of the mug rugs I chose a colour (green, red or gray) and alternated every 2 gray weft picks with 2 colour weft picks, repeat these 4 rows for 42 picks ending with a colour stripe, 6 picks of the gray you began with to finish. Three of the mug rugs were woven this way.

The first mug rug in the group of 4 photo’s above is made with 4 colours (light gray, dark gray, red and green). This is what I did for that one:

Weft 6 picks in light gray, 2 picks in red, 2 gray, 2 red, 2 gray, 2 red, 2 green, 2 red, *2 gray, 2 red*, repeat * to * 3 more times, 2 green, 2 red, 2 gray, 2 red, 2 gray, 2 red, 6 gray. This is a bit short than the others to make the stripes even with the added colour.

You could use a frame loom to make them as well. You would need to make one at a time.

Off to make some mini placemats with a Christmas essence and plaid.

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Weaving some Fall Mug Rugs

With Fall just ending in my neck of the woods as we have already had several dustings of snow I wanted to share one of my recent weaving projects with the essence and colours of the autumn season. These are a set of 4 mug rugs I made with my loom perfect for making mug rugs. I like to make seasonal sets for my family so we can each enjoy the beautiful colours and patterns I have woven.

For this Fall set I chose SweetGeorgia Yarns Party of Five mini skeins in the Harvest colour way to add that special autumn colour to each piece. Each mug rug is done in different stripe combinations to add interest. I love making mug rugs for those I love. It is a very soothing and relaxing way to use your yarn bits and left overs or buy a set of mini skeins and off you go to create your own special mug rugs for those you care about or want to thank.

I hope you are inspired to learn something new today. I starting learning to weave a year ago and I have to say I am so addicted to this new adventure with fibre. I will continue to post more of my designs and weaving journey here so come along for the ride and follow my blog. Who knows where it will take you! Happy fibertastic day!

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