Opera Art Project – Steam Punk Flashback

Geared up for the Opera
Geared up for the Opera

The Opera Art Project Steam Punk flashback on the Les Contes d’Hoffman Opera by the Edmonton Opera season 2012 – 2013 was an amazing Opera production and my new favourite.  The Opera Art Project is a special Artist collection based on the various Opera’s of the Edmonton Opera.  The Alberta Craft Council, Edmonton Opera, and various local Artists have come together to bring a unique collection of Artisan creations that are inspired by the different Opera productions.  Last year was the first year for this exciting venture.

My absolute favourite Opera to design for was the Les Contes d’Hoffman Opera which had a Victorian Steam Punk theme throughout the production.  Steam Punk style is very interesting and full of unique designs and embellishments which was right up my alley.  I love the asymmetrical design of this era in time and the wonderful flowing ruffles with a edgy feel.  The colours I choose were red, sepia, black and some purple and pinks that were in the incredible costuming all made by the Costume Designers of the Edmonton Opera.  Adding embellishments in metals and other fibers is also a wonderful essence of the Steam Punk era.  My favourite character was of course Olympia, the mechanical doll in this production.  Her costume was stunning with a shear fabric over a dress of gears.  Below are some of the different pieces I designed for this wonderful production.

Geared up for the Opera Shawl
Geared up for the Opera Shawl

Geared Up for the Opera Shawl:

The Geared Up for the Opera Shawl is designed after the character Olympia in the fabulous Opera.  This Opera has a real Steam Punk feel in the stage design and costumes.  Olympia is a doll with gears and such on the costuming which inspired this design.  Done in Sepia tones seen throughout the Opera in the Stage with the stunning Circus Tent and the various costumes.

Olympia Neck Warmer:

The Olympia Neck Warmer is also designed after this character, but a much smaller version.  The eclectic essence to the design enhanced by the Steam Punk accents with the a-symmetrical neck warmer and the embellished broche are reminiscent of this era.  One of the fashion statements during this time was to use found objects and apply them to your clothing.  The broche is embellished with a Steam Punk essence to add to this fashion style.  The broche can be worn on or off the scarf and used on other pieces in your wardrobe.

Olympia Neck Warmers
Olympia Neck Warmers
Antonia Canadian Opera Gloves
Antonia Canadian Opera Gloves

Antonia Wrist Warmers:

The Antonia Wrist Warmers are designed with her in mind with the textured striping in a solid colour as with her beautiful dress.  Done in a hand painted merino wool in Red tones.  They were also available in Sepia tones.

I am busy designing for the next season of the Opera Art Project with the Edmonton Opera having it’s Golden Anniversary of 50 years.  It will be quite a celebration!  I am honoured to be a part of this amazing venture and looking forward to another year.  I look forward to seeing the wonderful designs of the various Artists involved will be inspired to produce.You can view the current Opera Art Project and purchase from http://www.albertacraft.ab.ca/special-projects/  and for more information about the up coming Edmonton Opera Season at www.edmontonopera.com

I will be blogging my Opera Art Journey here and on Ravelry at http://www.ravelry.com/people/vbabdesign  I hope you come along for the ride!  Off to work on more Opera Art designs.

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