Stained Glass Window scarf and hand warmers

stained glass rose windows and more 2016.JPG

A sneek peek into Fall 2016 for Valerie Baber Designs with the new Stained Glass scarves, hand warmers, hats and ear warmers to come.  I decided to revisit my Gothic Architectural designs and this time make the focus the Stained Glass while still using the Stone Tracery as a secondary focus.  (Last time I focused on the Stone Tracery as the main view point)  Here are a few of the newest designs in my Architectural Collection.

stained glass rose window inside out purplestained glass rose window inside out purple1

On the Purple and Orange scarves I have split the Stained Glass Rose Window Stone Tracery in half to show the more detailed Stained Glass windows underneath.  The trim and style of these scarves have a Gothic Architectural essence and stone colours added in the beige or grey yarns.  These two will be at the soon for sale and I will be adding others to my Etsy store and Website at or  as well as other unique pieces in the near future.

See my other blog postings for information about the other designs.  Have a fabulous day!


Architectural Scarf Collection continued…

Here are some of the new pieces I have added to my Architectural Collection for Fall 2014. My inspiration continues to evolve with ideas for more designs. Stay tuned for more to come.

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I continue to add new designs to my Etsy store and my website at

For more information about these designs see my Etsy store link and check out the listings there.

Have a wonderful week. Get out and enjoy nature today.

Treasured Friends…update and giveaway prelude

Susanna Kearsley and Friends Tour
Susanna Kearsley and Friends Tour

The Treasured Friends Collection is based on a collection of scarves and fingerless gloves that Susanna Kearsley  had asked me to design for each of her treasured friends, that joined her on this wonderful tour.  This picture shows some of the fantastic Authors who toured with Susanna Kearsley sporting their unique scarf designs from left to right: Lynn Spencer from All about Romance, Deanna Raybourn, Susanna Kearsley, and Joanna Bourne.  Many of the designs were specifically designed for the Author it was given to based on their newest or a previous book or a design that Susanna felt they would like based on who they are or are passionate about.  This new collection will be called Treasured Friends.  Here are some pictures and some links to a few of these designs.  I will be adding more designs in the near future to the Treasured Friends Collection available on my Etsy site at

MYSTERY GIVEAWAY!  I will be joining one of these Authors in a giveaway that will be announced on Feburary 13th so mark your calendars.  There will be a variety of ways to enter.  Who is this “mystery” Author….you have to wait and see.  Pop by in the next few days as I blog more about this great giveaway and the “Mystery” Author.  Your first hint…she loves to knit!

Thanks to Susanna Kearsley for asking me to be a part of this wonderful venture.  I find great enjoyment in designing and making specialty items for treasured friends!  Treasure your friends today wherever they are let them know they are special to you!

You can link to the various designs in the Treasured Friends Collection now available here:

Susanna Rose Scarf:

Deanna Jasmine Rose Scarf:

Beatriz Poppy  Scarf:

Lynn Rose N Lace Scarf:

Lauren Plumeria Scarf:

Karen Rose Fingerless Gloves:

Ariel Art Deco Fingerless Gloves:

Kimberly Pumpkin Patch Fingerless Gloves:

The remainder of the Treasured Friends designs will be available soon.

Check out all of these wonderful Authors and put them on the top of your reading list today.

Susanna Kearsley:

Deanna Raybourn:

Beatriz Williams:

Kimberly Brock:

Karen White:

Ariel Lawhon:

Lauren Willig:

Julie James:

Sarah Wendell:

Mary Robinette Kowal:

Lynn Spencer:

Joanna Bourne:

Contempo Sculptured Scarf Collection

Contempo Sculptured Scarf
Contempo Sculptured Scarf

The Contempo Sculptured Scarf Collection is my newest Collection of scarves and accessories. The Contempo Sculptured Scarf by Valerie Baber Designs in soft Hand Painted merino wool adds a contemporary accent to your wardrobe.  The Contempo Collection is a group of accessories new for 2014 that give a more contemporary flair to your wardrobe.  This collection will have various styles that can be worn and purchased separately or work together to become a dramatic and sculptural piece.  Other colours are available.

I wanted to add a more sculptural scarf that could be literally sculpted to your personality and design style.  A double take on sculptured.  I will be offering the pieces separately as well so you can choose which piece or pieces you would like to make into your own unique style.

The Contempo Sculptured Scarf is a combination of two scarves together.  This one is done in 3 different colour ways of Grey Mauve, Deeper Plum, and a Purple, Green  hand painted colour way.  These yarns are lusciously soft and warm.

The Contempo Mode Scarf, base of the Contempo Sculptured Scarf, is accented with 6 metal buttons so you can button in the style you like or use them to button the sculptured scarf onto the base to secure it.  You can be very creative with this design wearing each scarf together or separately.  The lighter sculptured scarf is great for the warmer days or as an accent piece.  The ruffle scarf can be worn separately for the slightly cooler day with a different look.  Together these scarves become a wearable art piece perfect for the cold days of winter.

The Contempo Lace Scarf is the sculptured accent scarf is done in 2 different colour ways of Grey Mauve and a purple to green hand painted merino wool.   These yarns are lusciously soft and warm.   Available in other colours.  The Contempo Lace scarf is very versatile in design and can be worn in many different styles.  Combine it with the Contempo Mode scarf to form the Contempo Sculptured scarf.

The Contempo Ruffle Scarf, teal scarf, is the same as the Contempo Mode Scarf without the buttons.

The colour and texture blend together to add that unique quality to the design. The Sculptured essence and ruffles of this design has a Contemporary and Modern feel with a classy touch.  The Contempo Collection includes many different styles with more being added throughout the year.  I will be designing hand warmers and smaller pieces with a lighter price point for this collection as well.

The Contempo Collection has many similar styles that you can purchase.  Mix and match the different scarves available in this collection to form your own unique style.  You can also purchase them as a combination as shown in this listing.   There will more designs in this collection soon so check back often to see the latest listings. Look for the smaller version of the Contempo Sculptured scarf soon.   Available in other colours.  You can view more information about the Contempo Collection on my Etsy Store at:

I hope you enjoy your day and become inspired by your surroundings.

Opera Art Project… 50th Anniversary of the Edmonton Opera

Opera Art 50th Anniversary Collection
Opera Art 50th Anniversary Collection

Opera Art Project Anniversary Collar scarf and hand warmers.  The Edmonton Opera is having their 50th Anniversary this Opera Season.  To help celebrate this wonderful moment and year I decided my designs for the Opera Art Project would be a combination of all 3 Opera’s in the colours of their 50th Anniversary theme.  The Edmonton Opera started with their first Opera being Madama Butterfly and fittingly are topping off this year with the very same Opera.  What a wonderful way to make tribute to all 50 years of incredible talent and hard work.

The Opera Art 50th Anniversary Neck warmer scarf is done in black with gold trim.  The trim is made with 100% beaded silk for the Golden 50th Anniversary.  I made a second one in black with red trim the colour of the Cherry Blossom and other parts of Madama Butterfly.  On each of these neck warmers you see the lace edge which symbolizes the “dance of the 7 veils” in the Opera, Salome.  The Full Moon is also a big part of the first  Salome, Opera this season.

Opera Art 50th Anniversary Collection
Opera Art 50th Anniversary Collection

In the second Opera, Die Fledermaus, there is a pocket watch that has an important role and meaning in this Opera.  I stitched some of the clock onto the Full moon on one neck warmer and on the other made a separate clock also on a white face.  Each scarf has an additional metal clock face to add a unique touch to the design.

The third Opera, Madama Butterfly is the season ender to celebrate 50 years.  The Red Cherry Blossom is done in a merino and silk hand painted yarn and accented with a 100% silk beaded yarn.  Cherry Blossoms are seen throughout this magnificent opera in addition I added a metal butterfly to each for this wonderful Opera.

50th Anniversary Opera Scarf
50th Anniversary Opera Scarf

The hand warmers are designed in the same manner with mutual influence from each Opera.  There will be other styles for each of the 3 Opera’s this year so pop by again for a peek at what I am working on.

The Opera Art Project is a wonderful collection of local Artists, the Alberta Craft Council and the Edmonton Opera together bringing a new and exciting venue with one of a kind and unique pieces.  You can view more about this wonderful project at

There will be pictures of some of the upcoming designs and works by the Opera Art Artists soon at this link above.

or the Edmonton Opera at:

50th Anniversary Opera Scarf
50th Anniversary Opera Scarf





Calming Waters Scarf – Beach Stone Broche


Calming Waters Scarf - short version
Calming Waters Scarf – short version

The Calming Waters Scarf with the Beach Stone Broche is the smallest style of scarf in my Calming Waters Collection. Made with Malabrigo Rios Hand Painted Merino Wool base with two different colour ways with Alpaca from Alberta  for the sand, Rowan  and Malabrigo yarns for the stones with seaweed and ocean plant life done in a wonderful yarn by as an accent.  (I previously Blogged about this wonderful yarn in my “Victory in Victoria” blog.

Done in the two different Ocean colour ways of Blue, greens and hints of purples, sometimes other colours.  Accented with Alpaca, Blueface Leicester and Merino Wool.  The broche can be worn on the scarf or on another piece in your wardrobe.

This design is based on my many trips to the ocean and the West Coast in particular.  The inspiration

Calming Waters Scarf - Short Style
Calming Waters Scarf – Short Style

comes from the wonderful moments by the waters edge.  The Calming Waters scarf is the movement of the water splashing on your neckline, or “beach”.  The darker yarn shows the rippling of the water and the lighter becomes the waves.  The broche is a combination of the sand with beach stones and the various plant life and seaweed that are placed around by the strength of the waves.  This design was made with crochet.

I wanted to design a piece where you could bring the calm of the ocean sounds, feel the sand between your toes with the memories of warm days by the beach.  I will be doing this design in a orange, blue and sunset colour way for the ocean at sunset!  Now you can bring your favourite warm memories by the beach with through the cooler days of Fall, Winter and Spring.  It will also be available in a longer scarf and the Shawl/Shrug earlier in one of my Blogs.

Calming Waters Shawl/Shrug
Calming Waters Shawl/Shrug

The Calming Waters Shawl/Shrug.  You can see more about this design or purchase it at or


Sneak Peek…Designs for the Opera Art Project

Opera Art Madama Buttlerfly, Salome, Fledermaus
Opera Art Madama Buttlerfly, Salome, Fledermaus

A sneak peek into the Opera Art Project designs for the up coming season of the Edmonton Opera.  As I have mentioned in previous blogs I have the pleasure of designing with a group of amazing local Artists in the Opera Art Project.  These two collar style scarves are one of a kind pieces and add a unique touch to your wardrobe.  I will go more into the designs and what overall design is symbolic for as well as the embellishments.  These two designs pertain to all three Opera’s this season in one way or another.  The gold bling silk yarn, by is for the 50th Anniversary of the Edmonton Opera.

Opera Art Madama Buttlerfly, Salome, Fledermaus
Opera Art Madama Buttlerfly, Salome, Fledermaus

I will talk more in detail about these designs and the corresponding hand warmers when I finish them.   Just thought I would tease you with what I have been working on lately.  Stay tuned for more Opera Art designs…..hint these are based on the 3 Opera’s Madama Butterfly, Salome, and Die Fledermaus.

For more information and my previous Opera Art Project designs see the links below:


What’s New…Rose Onie Scarf Collection in New Colours

Rose Onie Collection
Rose Onie Collection

What’s New…Rose Onie Scarf Collection in new colours.  Just a peek into what I have been busy designing in the last few weeks.  These Rose Onie designs are all custom orders from wonderful clients that wanted to add their own inspiration and style to my Rose Onie Design.  The darker ones give a wonderful eclectic feel to this sculptural design.

I love enhancing and changing my designs to be specific for the person who will be wearing them.  Makes the design a little more special for that person and another way for me to be inspired by their choices as well.  I love the challenge that custom work gives me, like trying to solve a puzzle.   As my family

would attest, I love puzzles especially the last piece you put in and finally complete it.  That is how I feel when I am designing!  Nothing better than finishing that designing puzzle and seeing the complete finished piece.   Addictive for sure!

Rose Onie Scarf in Black Purple Burgundy
Rose Onie Scarf in Black Purple Burgundy

As I have said before you never know where you inspiration will come from.  Keep your eyes and ears open for something new to discover and try.

Have a most wonderful day and be inspired.

More pictures below or link here to see more. or

Rose Onie Scarf Dark Grey
Rose Onie Scarf Dark Grey
Rose Onie Scarf Black Grey
Rose Onie Scarf Black Grey
Rose Onie Fingerless Gloves Black Grey
Rose Onie Fingerless Gloves Black Grey
Rose Onie Fingerless Gloves Ivory Black
Rose Onie Fingerless Gloves Ivory Black
Rose Onie Fingerless Gloves Grey
Rose Onie Fingerless Gloves Grey