New Crochet Pattern: Elegant Rose Hand Warmer



Introducing the Elegant Rose Collection – hand and arm warmers crochet pattern now available at: (also available as a kit with yarn and pattern)

The last picture shows some of the yarn colours available in the Crochet kits available.  You receive one skein of Sweetgeorgia Yarn of your choice (there are other colours on my site as well) and one pattern.  Check out more at or

I used beautiful Worsted Weight yarn from  in this new Snowfall colour of light gray and a lovely natural colour called Birch.  The yarn is wonderfully soft and luxurious perfect to compliment this elegant design.  Below are some of the scarf patterns that will be available soon to compliment these hand and arm warmers.


Fabulous Floral scarves, hand warmers, hats and more – Peony’s

peony on grey

peony onie scarf long purple3

peony combo blue grey 2

Fabulous Floral scarves, hand warmers, hats, ear warmers and more.  I have been busy designing new pieces to various collections including various Floral Peony styles shown here and  Check out both of my sites for the latest design as I will continue to add new ones weekly. Some of my other designs are ready to ship and some can be custom ordered with a variety of colours so check each listing you like to see on the last picture what colours you can do order them in.  These are some of the various design styles and colours available with a Peony floral touch, more colours are available than shown.

These are some of the new Peony floral scarves available this fall.  There are many different styles to choose from to suit your style.  I have also added many new one of a kind pieces recently to with hand painted merino wool and hand spun wool. Have a wonderful day and be inspired to try something new today.

The Joy Collection

canadian cowel green5

Introducing: “The Joy Collection”, a collection of scarves, hats, ear warmers and head warmers designed in collaboration with fashion blogger Joy of This collection is inspired by the minimal and practical style of fashion blogger Joy who believes that style should be comfortable and effortless. Coming in a variety of colours, ranging from neutrals to purple blue, orange, teal green and more to follow. The Joy Collection is perfect for both men and women of all ages. Designed by two Canadians the collection is made with only the highest of quality merino wool to keep you warm and dry through the coming winter months.

canadian cowel purple3

The Canuck Cowl features a high neck and chunky knit to keep your neck warm and dry through harsh winter elements. The cowl comes in a variety of colours including: grey, white, purple and green and is styled here along with the Canuck Ear Warmer and the Joy Fingerless Gloves.

joy hat girls3 1joy mens

Also available are the Mens and Womens Joy Classic Hat and the Mens and Womens Joy Classic Fingerless Gloves styled with the Joy Unisex Classic Cowl Scarf. Available in grey, ivory and black

canadian cowel purple1

And as an added bonus: use the discount code “joyful” to receive 10% off your next purchase for a limited time of ANY of the designs on or !

Happy shopping!!


Floral Pussy Willow Scarf – Classic and Elegant Style

pussy willow scarf ivory8

The Floral Pussy Willow Scarf is inspired by the soft colours and texture of pussy willows with a floral touch.  This design is a 2 scarf combination with the base of the scarf the Classic Touch scarf with the leaf frieze vine accent scarf and a floral pussy willow brooch.  Available in various colours as well can be ordered in brighter colours too.  You can wear this design in various ways as shown or use the accent scarf and brooch on other items in your wardrobe.  Hand warmers shown are the Classic Essence hand warmers.

This design is a classic and elegant addition to your unique style with a softness like pussy willows in colour and texture.  The flower centre has 5 pussy willows finishing it off and made with kid mohair, silk and merino wool.  The entire piece is made with beautiful yarns from

Available exclusively at or

Also available is the Floral Rose scarf in a similar look to this one where the rose is the centre of the flower.   In various colours shown here or order in a brighter colour too.

Opera Art Project… 50th Anniversary of the Edmonton Opera

Opera Art 50th Anniversary Collection
Opera Art 50th Anniversary Collection

Opera Art Project Anniversary Collar scarf and hand warmers.  The Edmonton Opera is having their 50th Anniversary this Opera Season.  To help celebrate this wonderful moment and year I decided my designs for the Opera Art Project would be a combination of all 3 Opera’s in the colours of their 50th Anniversary theme.  The Edmonton Opera started with their first Opera being Madama Butterfly and fittingly are topping off this year with the very same Opera.  What a wonderful way to make tribute to all 50 years of incredible talent and hard work.

The Opera Art 50th Anniversary Neck warmer scarf is done in black with gold trim.  The trim is made with 100% beaded silk for the Golden 50th Anniversary.  I made a second one in black with red trim the colour of the Cherry Blossom and other parts of Madama Butterfly.  On each of these neck warmers you see the lace edge which symbolizes the “dance of the 7 veils” in the Opera, Salome.  The Full Moon is also a big part of the first  Salome, Opera this season.

Opera Art 50th Anniversary Collection
Opera Art 50th Anniversary Collection

In the second Opera, Die Fledermaus, there is a pocket watch that has an important role and meaning in this Opera.  I stitched some of the clock onto the Full moon on one neck warmer and on the other made a separate clock also on a white face.  Each scarf has an additional metal clock face to add a unique touch to the design.

The third Opera, Madama Butterfly is the season ender to celebrate 50 years.  The Red Cherry Blossom is done in a merino and silk hand painted yarn and accented with a 100% silk beaded yarn.  Cherry Blossoms are seen throughout this magnificent opera in addition I added a metal butterfly to each for this wonderful Opera.

50th Anniversary Opera Scarf
50th Anniversary Opera Scarf

The hand warmers are designed in the same manner with mutual influence from each Opera.  There will be other styles for each of the 3 Opera’s this year so pop by again for a peek at what I am working on.

The Opera Art Project is a wonderful collection of local Artists, the Alberta Craft Council and the Edmonton Opera together bringing a new and exciting venue with one of a kind and unique pieces.  You can view more about this wonderful project at

There will be pictures of some of the upcoming designs and works by the Opera Art Artists soon at this link above.

or the Edmonton Opera at:

50th Anniversary Opera Scarf
50th Anniversary Opera Scarf