Floral Bouquet Scarf – Ready to Wear in Ivory

Available on my Etsy store at: www.valeriebaberdesigns.etsy.com

NEW! Floral Bouquet scarf in ivory, pink, purple, green, hand painted merino wool. READY to SHIP and READY to WEAR design. This design is designed with various flowers on an elegant scarf base to give the essence of a bouquet of flowers trimmed with a lovely lace around the bouquet of flowers. ONE AVAILABLE IN ivory. Other colours may be available on my other listings.

This Floral Bouquet scarf has a 2 roses, peony and a blossom accented with beautiful green leaves with a 3D effect adding to the design. The blossoms on the scarf represent new beginnings like the blossoms in spring reminding us of new and beautiful moments to come. A floral accented scarf for winter that can carry you through the cooler days of spring and fall.

The scarf base for the Floral Bouquet scarf is done on my Cathedral Scarf base that was inspired by Gothic Cathedrals of the past. Various scarves are also available with an architectural theme. See my Etsy store, architectural sections on my website or my other blog postings to see the other architectural inspired designs.

Accented with beautiful metal buttons to fasten as shown in the photos.

I also have various styles of crochet patterns designed by myself and yarn so you can make your own scarf.

The Floral Bouquet scarf is designed and handmade by myself, Valerie Baber, with high quality yarns. This design is done in a sock weight yarn or fingerling weight yarn to keep it lighter in weight, but still very warm and luxurious to the touch with the merino wool.

Made with hand painted merino wool 80%, nylon 20% (for durability).

All my designs are hand knit and crocheted with great care and durability and can be worn for many years to come. To preserve the yarn and longitivity of wear the design must be hand washed and laid flat to dry.

Other handmade designs that are ready to wear just for you are available on my Etsy store. I only use High Quality Fibres in this Design and always high quality yarns so you can wear them for years to come. Every design is designed and made by myself to ensure excellent quality and a unique style for your wardrobe.

All my designs are hand knit and crocheted with great care and durability and can be worn for many years to come. To preserve the yarn and longitivity of wear the design must be hand washed and laid flat to dry.

Various crochet pattern, yarn and ready to wear scarves, shawls, hand warmers and more by Valerie Baber Designs are available on my Etsy store: www.valeriebaberdesigns.etsy.com 

Various crochet patterns by Valerie Baber Designs are available at: 

Etsy store: www.valeriebaberdesigns.etsy.com or Ravelry www.ravelry.com/designers/valerie-baber and Lovecrafts: LoveCrafts

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Have a fibertastic day!

Beach Stone Scarves

Beach Stone Scarves in various styles and colours are now available on my stores at www.valeriebaberdesigns.etsy.com and www.valeriebaberdesign.com

Made with hand painted merino wool that is soft and luxurious to wear.  Available in the blue, ivory and gray backgrounds with beach stones and sea plants you see on the beach.  One of my favourite places to go is Vancouver, Canada.  The yarn used is from SweetGeorgia Yarns which is also in Vancouver, Canada.  A perfect match for this design as Felicia often uses inspiration from the area for the colours of her beautiful yarns. The blue is called Deep Cove which is a beautiful area outside of Vancouver that has water this amazing colour.  I had a great time popping into SweetGeorgia Yarns last week when I took a visit to Vancouver.  More on that later….

You can purchase my designs locally in the Edmonton, Alberta, Canada area at:

Alberta Craft Council:  www.albertacraft.ab.ca

Art Gallery of St. Albert:  www.artgalleryofstalbert.com


Contemporary Lace Scarf – Crochet Pattern

The new Contemporary Lace Scarf Pattern is an elegant long scarf with a Contemporary edge to the design.  Designed for sock/fingerling weight yarn and takes 1 skein to make.  Patterns, Yarn and handmade accessories available on my sites.

Available on my sites at:




DIY Crochet Kit is also available as shown below.  More colours coming in the future.  As well as with merino wool at a lighter price point.

I used beautiful Cashluxe Spark yarn from www.sweetgeorgiayarns.com to design and make the Contemporary Lace Scarf shown in a beautiful birch colourway.  This yarn is made with merino wool, cashmere and a sparkle yarn.  Adds a lovely glitter to the design.  Of course you can also make this scarf in most sock and fingerling weight yarns of your choice.  Easy to crochet with chain stitch, single crochet and double crochet.  Try using various colours for a stripped effect or hand painted yarns for a colourful scarf.



Elegant Lace Chain Scarf Pattern

Elegant Lace Chain Scarf Crochet Pattern uses fingerling weight (single stranded) or lace weight (double stranded) yarn.  Wear in many different styles as shown button in different styles with 3 buttons on the back of on end of the scarf.

Pattern is available at:



Shown in the Merino Silk Lace and the Silk Mist with a double stranded method. You can use any fingerling weight yarn single stranded for this design. You will need 2 skeins of the fingerling weight yarn in the Tough Love Sock yarn by SweetGeorgia Yarns or a similar one. All of these beautiful yarns are from SweetGeorgia Yarns. You can use other yarns of similar weight.

Another version of this scarf is coming soon where I will use the wonderful Party of Five yarns and the Cashluxe Spark yarn from Sweetgeorgia Yarns shown below:

When you spend over $50.00 you can save 10% with code: SAVE10 on all orders on my Etsy store (www.valeriebaberdesigns.etsy.com) and my Etsy website (www.valeriebaberdesign.com)

Both of these sites are connected only you don’t need an Etsy login to purchase from my website (www.valeriebaberdesign.com). You can view my stats and reviews on my Etsy store (www.valeriebaberdesigns.etsy.com)

SweetGeorgia yarns are exquisite with their soft and luxurious feel to the beautiful array of colours on each skein.

Floral Pussy Willow Scarf – Classic and Elegant Style

pussy willow scarf ivory8

The Floral Pussy Willow Scarf is inspired by the soft colours and texture of pussy willows with a floral touch.  This design is a 2 scarf combination with the base of the scarf the Classic Touch scarf with the leaf frieze vine accent scarf and a floral pussy willow brooch.  Available in various colours as well can be ordered in brighter colours too.  You can wear this design in various ways as shown or use the accent scarf and brooch on other items in your wardrobe.  Hand warmers shown are the Classic Essence hand warmers.

This design is a classic and elegant addition to your unique style with a softness like pussy willows in colour and texture.  The flower centre has 5 pussy willows finishing it off and made with kid mohair, silk and merino wool.  The entire piece is made with beautiful yarns from http://www.sweetgeorgiayarns.com

Available exclusively at http://www.valeriebaberdesign.com or http://www.valeriebaberdesign.etsy.com

Also available is the Floral Rose scarf in a similar look to this one where the rose is the centre of the flower.   In various colours shown here or order in a brighter colour too.



A Rosy Day…New Rose Onie Infinity scarves

A Rosy Day…New Rose Onie Infinity Scarves perfect to accent your wardrobe throughout the year.  Wear this 2 scarf combo together as shown in the first picture for a fuller more dramatic, yet elegant touch to your wardrobe.  You can also wear the 2 scarves separately as shown in the other pictures as well the smaller rose accent scarf is also available separately on my Etsy store at http://www.valeriebaberdesigns.etsy.com where you will find many of my most current designs.  The Rose Onie Infinity scarf can be used to accent your favourite shirt, t shirt, sweater, coat or dress up an outfit for an elegant and unique touch to your wardrobe.

Other colours are also available including purple, teal, orange, beige, darker grey and more to come.  You can also purchase many of my designs locally in Edmonton, Alberta Canada at the Alberta Craft Council at http://www.albertacraft.ab.ca or in St. Albert, Alberta Canada at the Art Gallery of St. Albert at http://www.artgalleryofstalbert.ca

Each one is made with hand painted merino wool with some of the designs including a special yarn added that may include silk, cashmere, other hand painted merino wool’s and more to add a special touch to this design.  Check out  my website for more designs and where I sell my work and more.  Off to be inspired by something new today.  Have a wonderful day!!

A rose of a day…Sculptured Elegance Rose Scarf

A rose of a day designing a new sculptured scarf that will be available with or without the rose brooch. On weekends I love to leave time to just create with yarn and try new ideas or refresh old ones. This is my creative time where I concentrate on trying something new. My goal and inspiration was to design an off spring of the Rose Onie Scarf that was chunkier perfect for our cold winters, yet elegant and sculptural. A piece you could wear with the rose brooch that would add a more elegant touch with a victorian feel to the design as well wear without the brooch for a more contemporary feel. Once again I have used a lovely soft merino wool in this design. You can see more on the links below as well as purchase.



classic ear warmers neutrals
A few earwarmers that are classic and great for any wardrobe. They will also be available with wonderful pewter coloured buttons and more.


The Sculptured Elegance Scarf can be worn in many different styles as shown in the pictures above. It was also a ducky sort of day while taking photos of this newest design. We spent some time just admiring this group of ducks and their wonderful collection of off spring, just as the new Sculptured Elegance Rose Scarf.

Off I go to be inspired by more Architecture this week with more new designs coming soon. Enjoy your day!

SPRING FORWARD…thinking of Spring

Floral Elegance scarf
Floral Elegance scarf

Spring Forward…thinking of Spring today as the snow is falling outside my window making a new blanket of white.  We have been very lucky these past few weeks with a wonderful warm spell that melted a portion of the snow we have been receiving since the end of October.  Yes, winter starts early here some years and the past few years have been very snowy to boot. Surrounded by the lovely warm weather these past weeks put me in the mood for some Spring weather and gardening.  The Floral Elegance scarf is a “new” version of my original scarf that brought me back into the knitting, crochet and designing world.  The picture below is one of the original styles I designed when my sister, Cheryl, asked me to design some scarves for her to sell.

Original Floral Elegance Scarf
Original Floral Elegance Scarf

Off I went to try some of the new and exciting techniques I learned while taking many wonderful courses at www.rivercityyarns.com.   One of my amazing customers wanted something different from what I was currently designing with flowers on a green base for the scarf.  I immediately thought of my first set of scarf designs under Valerie Baber Designs.  I have been wanting to revamp them a bit and change the overall design to a more 3D effect and add some fingerless gloves to compliment the designs. This scarf was inspired by various people in my life; my sister, River City Yarns and a wonderful customer.  It amazes me how different things and people can inspire your life daily.  You can link to this design on my Esty site, Intricate Knits at https://www.etsy.com/ca/listing/177538387/floral-elegance-scarf-in-green-with? and https://www.etsy.com/ca/listing/177535174/floral-elegance-fingerless-gloves-green?ref=listing-shop-header-1

A bit of background into my past designing. I previously designed various children’s hats, sweaters and other items under my business Hey, Diddle Diddle Knitwear.   Back in the day when my kids were babies and my greatest inspiration then and now in  my life. While designing finished garments and progressing into pattern writing and design I was inflicted with a serious hand injury that took over  a year to mend.  During this time I realized I needed a change in what I was creating and went back to school to finish my Interior Decorating and continued to work on achieving my Interior Design.  This duration was about 6 years and though I knit like a race horse running down the track in my Hey, Diddle Diddle days, I barely picked up a knitting needle at all.  This was very strange to me as it had been such a big part of my life for 10 years prior.  I assume it was that my creativity was elsewhere in my school and trying out new arts such as Stained Glass, Mosaic Tiling and more.  Ok, I said  this would be short…oops.

During the middle of my Interior Design program I had a serious back injury that made it impossible to finish my goals.   I was devastated, I had been working on school in this direction for 6 years at that point.  In sharing this background about my designing ventures I wanted to make a point about how life sometimes gives you moments of “pain” and anguish, but it can lead you down a path you never thought of going in the first place.  When you look back you see how it was exactly how things were to be and without these moments in life you wouldn’t be who you are today.

The strange part for me was an injury took me out of designing with yarn and an injury put me back into designing with fibre. I look back and see how all of the Hey, Diddle Diddle days, Interior Decorating School, Interior Design School though very different actually made it possible for me to design today with Valerie Baber Designs and Intricate knits.  Without all of these twists and turns I wouldn’t be able to accomplish what I do today.

Long story short you never know where life will take you and sometimes the worst times end up being the most important times in your life as they guide you to where  and who you should be.   I wanted to encourage those who needed a moment to see that sometimes when life gives you rotten lemons, pick your self up (or your knitting or crochet needles) and keep yourself going forward.  You never know what is around the next corner!!  My life took a complete turn around!  When things are tough don’t look back to see where you were, look forward so you can see what’s up ahead.

I am very thankful for all the people in my life who inspire and push me forward when I am trying to look back.  There are many others who have guided and helped me along this path including my other sister, Laureen, the Alberta Craft Council  http://www.albertacraft.ab.ca/ and the Art Gallery of St. Albert http://artgalleryofstalbert.ca/  to name a few.  Spring is a new start to the earth and life around it.  A perfect time to try something new and look at life in a new perspective.  I am looking forward to Spring…are you?  Have an inspired day!