HANDMADE scarves are back IN STOCK!

HANDMADE scarves designed and made by myself (Valerie Baber Designs) are now back in stock with many new styles available and more coming soon. I have been busy over the past year working on my pattern writing offering various crochet patterns for you to enjoy and designing new scarves, hand warmers while continuing to learn more about my newest fibre adventure weaving. This week I have added a few of my ready to wear designs to my Etsy store, some are one of a kind. I will be adding various styles including architectural designs, floral, unique, nature inspired, contemporary and modern pieces to my ready to wear collection soon. Link to my Etsy store below:

Etsy store: www.valeriebaberdesigns.etsy.com

Crochet patterns are available for some of the new ready to wear designs so you can make your own unique scarf. Others are only available as ready to wear. The Elegant Leaves Designs shown in the first and last photo is available as a crochet pattern. You can make this design with the mini skeins I also sell on my Etsy store or use yarn from your stash. See more on my Etsy store.

I use hand painted high quality yarns as the base for most of my designs with added luxurious fibres like silk, cashmere, sparkle yarns, kid mohair and more in some of the scarves for a special elegant touch. Each item is designed by myself and made by myself to ensure the quality of the garment is excellent. I will be adding new designs often so pop by my Etsy store and take a look at the recent additions.

Various crochet patterns and ready to wear scarves, shawls, hand warmers and more by Valerie Baber Designs are available on my Etsy store: www.valeriebaberdesigns.etsy.com 

Various crochet patterns by Valerie Baber Designs are available at: 

Etsy store: www.valeriebaberdesigns.etsy.com or Ravelry www.ravelry.com/designers/valerie-baber and Lovecrafts: LoveCrafts

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Have a fibertastic day!

New Architectural Designs photo page

Architectural Designs by Valerie Baber

Added a new photo page on my Blog with various pictures of my Architectural adventures over the years with fibre. I had the honour of designing for various galleries which often included my architectural pieces some shown here. My love for architecture began while taking Interior Design. Since then it has been a passion for me to create designs with knitting and crochet that are inspired by the amazing artists, designers, architects and all the people involved in making such extraordinary buildings of the past. This is a small sample of the many designs I have created with an architectural theme. You can link to the page below that shows more of my architectural designs.

Architectural Designs – Valerie Baber Designs

I hope to pattern some of these designs and other crochet patterns with an architectural essence this year. A wonderful customer has recently sent me various photos of beautiful cathedrals etc. in France and I am looking forward to using them for a new architectural inspiration and creating a new crochet pattern from these wonderful photos. Thank you Marie for sending them to me. I really appreciate it! It is great having photos from your travels instead of relying on the internet. Here are a few of the inspiring photos below:

One day I hope to travel to France and other European locations. Fun fact: We do have a small piece of France on the East Coast of Canada! It is a French Territory. You can read more on these links below.

St Pierre & Miquelon – Current French Territories In North America – WorldAtlas

Top Tips for a Visit to Saint-Pierre and Miquelon – Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada (newfoundlandlabrador.com)

Enjoy the inspiration in your life today. You never know where it will come from. Perhaps someone who lives in another country will help direct you in your newest adventure like my renewed inspiration to design architectural crochet pieces because a customer was so kind to share their travel photos with me. I can’t wait to begin designing with these photos and other architectural features from buildings of the past.

Various crochet patterns by Valerie Baber Designs are available at: 

Etsy store: www.valeriebaberdesigns.etsy.com or Ravelry www.ravelry.com/designers/valerie-baber

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Have a fibertastic day!

New Designs and more…crochet and knitting

Now available on my Etsy store at www.valeriebaberdesigns.etsy.com Many other unique scarves, hand warmers, hats and more.  Check out the newest designs too.

It has been a long hard 10 weeks since I injured my right arm especially since I haven’t been able to knit or crochet since then and still not able to.  I have to say it is almost torture for a designer not to design and create everyday, but at the same time it gives you rest (even though your kicking and screaming LOL).  The injury progressed to my left arm due to over use looking after the right arm and then angered my neck and shoulders so just when I thought I was making head way everything was a mess.  Glad to say that this week I finally feel like I am getting back to doing some things myself again and it feels great.  Part of my injuries was over use from working to hard on my creations, but you know you just have to knit and crochet as it’s so much fun.  I did try to dabble a little with more pattern writing, perhaps I will work on that again soon.

I hope in the next few months that I can once again pick up my needles and create new pieces.  Luckily I was working on new designs all year prior to my injuries and will have more new designs on my Etsy store soon.  You can also link with www.valeriebaberdesign.com for my new Etsy Website.

You can also purchase my many designs locally in Edmonton, Alberta at www.albertacraft.ab.ca or in St. Albert, Alberta at www.artgalleryofstalbert.ca

Knitting Pattern Launch…Gentle Waves Collection

Knitting Pattern: The Gentle Waves Collection… at last I am finished this triple pattern collection and it is now available on my Etsy site at http://www.valeriebaberdesigns.etsy.com and Ravelry at http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/gentle-waves-scarf-ear-warmer-and-fingerless-gloves-2 This is the first group of the Gentle Waves Collection with a follow up pattern that will include the shawl and long scarf patterns.

These designs are also available as finished garments on my Etsy store as well (please note my NEW Etsy store link is above) Various colours to choose from if you need a gift or don’t have time to knit it yourself.

Join me on Instagram at http://www.instagram.com/vbaberdesigns or twitter at http://www.twitter.com/vbaberdesigns

Gentle Waves Collection includes knitting pattern for the Cowl or Collar style scarf, Ear Warmer and Fingerless Gloves by Valerie Baber Designs. Pattern is designed with worsted weight merino wool. The yarn shown in these pictures is Malabrigo Rios. Wonderful textured scarf with flowing waves warming up a cooler day bringing memories of the warmer days of summer. Uses Worsted Weight Merino wool or yarn with similar gauge and weight as Malabrigo Rios.

This design is a unique addition to any wardrobe with the stunning Hand Painted Merino Wool base. The Gentle Waves scarf is inspired by the oceans, sea and other bodies of water with the gentle waves combined with the 3D waves rolling about the scarf. The colours reflect the water and the surrounding nature and other items around the body of water.

This design is great in any colour way with examples above or try including greys, neutrals, or other brighter colours.

Great for Spring, Fall and Winter to keep you warm and cozy.

To see more of my knitting patterns available see my Etsy store link above.

Floral Stone Tracery Scarf…Architectural Collection

Floral Stone Tracery Cowl/Collar scarf
Floral Stone Tracery Cowl/Collar scarf
The Floral Stone Tracery Scarf is made with a stone wall essence on the base of the scarf in the colours of various stones. The inspiration for this set of scarves is the amazing stone tracery on Architecture of the past. The elaborate and fascinating artwork that was involved in designing and making the stone tracery is outstanding. For these smaller scarves, more of a cowl size, I have choosen to put a few stone tracey flowers to accent the design. I will be changing the stone tracery as I go along focusing on different types of stone tracery. Other colours will be available in the future.

This is likely my favourite collection to design to date. The ideas and inspiration continue to flow with some bigger and more elaborate pieces to come soon. I love Architecture of the past and present and will continue to add this to my future designs. Stay tuned for more of the Architectural Collection by Valerie Baber Designs. You can purchase my designs at http://www.valeriebaberdesigns.etsy.com or check me out on Instagram http://www.instagram.com/vbaberdesigns or Twitter at http://www.twitter.com/vbaberdesigns for pictures of my other designs and the newest pieces.

Cat Attack…more like playing

Cat Attack…more like playing in this case. I was trying to take photos of one of my newest scarves and fingerless glove style for Fall but my cat had other things in mind. She tends to be a bit of a brat sometimes and has gotten herself in many moments of trouble over the years. She has had more than 9 lives! Apparently she was either insisting on becoming the “Next Top Model” or just a case of stubbornness. None the less she won in the end but I did enjoy the game of who is more stubborn, however she is way to cute for me to stick it out. 🙂

The Eclectic Modern Cowl Collar scarf will be available in various cotton colours and merino wool. There are two clear button on the back of the ends of the straps behind the metal buttons so you can seamlessly attach to the crochet scarf where needed for warmth. A lighter colour or brighter colour will give a different effect with a less eclectic feel depending on the colour choice. You can see more at http://www.intricateknits.etsy.com by Valerie Baber Designs.

I must run and see if my cat has yet to leave her post so I can get a proper photo of this group. Enjoy your day and try something new today!

Contempo Sculptured Scarf Collection

Contempo Sculptured Scarf
Contempo Sculptured Scarf

The Contempo Sculptured Scarf Collection is my newest Collection of scarves and accessories. The Contempo Sculptured Scarf by Valerie Baber Designs in soft Hand Painted merino wool adds a contemporary accent to your wardrobe.  The Contempo Collection is a group of accessories new for 2014 that give a more contemporary flair to your wardrobe.  This collection will have various styles that can be worn and purchased separately or work together to become a dramatic and sculptural piece.  Other colours are available.

I wanted to add a more sculptural scarf that could be literally sculpted to your personality and design style.  A double take on sculptured.  I will be offering the pieces separately as well so you can choose which piece or pieces you would like to make into your own unique style.

The Contempo Sculptured Scarf is a combination of two scarves together.  This one is done in 3 different colour ways of Grey Mauve, Deeper Plum, and a Purple, Green  hand painted colour way.  These yarns are lusciously soft and warm.

The Contempo Mode Scarf, base of the Contempo Sculptured Scarf, is accented with 6 metal buttons so you can button in the style you like or use them to button the sculptured scarf onto the base to secure it.  You can be very creative with this design wearing each scarf together or separately.  The lighter sculptured scarf is great for the warmer days or as an accent piece.  The ruffle scarf can be worn separately for the slightly cooler day with a different look.  Together these scarves become a wearable art piece perfect for the cold days of winter.

The Contempo Lace Scarf is the sculptured accent scarf is done in 2 different colour ways of Grey Mauve and a purple to green hand painted merino wool.   These yarns are lusciously soft and warm.   Available in other colours.  The Contempo Lace scarf is very versatile in design and can be worn in many different styles.  Combine it with the Contempo Mode scarf to form the Contempo Sculptured scarf.

The Contempo Ruffle Scarf, teal scarf, is the same as the Contempo Mode Scarf without the buttons.

The colour and texture blend together to add that unique quality to the design. The Sculptured essence and ruffles of this design has a Contemporary and Modern feel with a classy touch.  The Contempo Collection includes many different styles with more being added throughout the year.  I will be designing hand warmers and smaller pieces with a lighter price point for this collection as well.

The Contempo Collection has many similar styles that you can purchase.  Mix and match the different scarves available in this collection to form your own unique style.  You can also purchase them as a combination as shown in this listing.   There will more designs in this collection soon so check back often to see the latest listings. Look for the smaller version of the Contempo Sculptured scarf soon.   Available in other colours.  You can view more information about the Contempo Collection on my Etsy Store at:






I hope you enjoy your day and become inspired by your surroundings.

Treasured Hearts…Valentines scarf and handwarmers

Floral Hearts scarf, Treasured Hearts Hand warmers
Floral Hearts scarf, Treasured Hearts Hand warmers

Treasured Hearts…Valentines Scarf and Fingerless Gloves set.  The other day I was thinking about designing something for each holiday of the year, just for fun.  Valentines being the next one in line I went to my yarn stash and started looking over the many different colours I could choose for this Holiday of Love.  After deciding to go with a classic colour way of black and red I grabbed my  knitting needles and began a special Valentines Scarf and Hand Warmer set.  This design has a more contemporary feel to the overall piece with the accent “flower” in a broche style so you can wear this scarf with or without the broche.

Floral Heart Collar Scarf
Floral Heart Collar Scarf

In keeping with the Valentines theme the Floral Hearts broche is made with 5 hearts together to form the back petals of the flower.  This way the hearts for Valentines are incorporated, but the design can be worn anytime of the year since they form a flower.  The Floral Hearts scarf becomes a versatile and multi use scarf, but has an underlying surprise with hearts for the petals.

Treasured Heart hand warmers
Treasured Heart hand warmers

I couldn’t design a new Valentines Holiday scarf without adding something to compliment the piece.  The Treasured Hearts hand warmers use the same heart I designed for the Floral Heart broche.  A bling button adorns the centre of the heart.  The Valentines theme on the hand warmers are more obvious.

Floral Heart scarf and broche
Floral Heart scarf and broche

Off I go to finish a set of these two new pieces in my designs in a nice dark grey with the red.  They will both be posted on my Etsy store at www.intricateknits.etsy.com .  The Valentines Flora Hearts scarf and Treasured Hearts hand warmers are also available in other colours.

Valentines fever is not over, I am currently working on a large window display with a Valentines theme for the Art Gallery of St. Albert.  Pop by soon to see my progress on this project.  Have a most wonderful day!

Happy Belated New Years!!

Rose Onie Bulky Scarf Grey Blue
Rose Onie Bulky Scarf Grey Blue

Happy belated New Years to all of you.  Had a wonderful Christmas and New Years with a house full of family.  Great times!  Now I must get back to work playing with yarn (I know, it’s a hard, hard job). 🙂

This year, to celebrate New Year and start off on the right foot, I decided that I would make myself the first scarf of the year.  Kind of a late Christmas present.  I usually don’t have time or take the time to make myself my own designs, not sure why, perhaps I just run out of time.  I find when I am working on something new I decide I will want one of the newest styles instead, yet somehow I keep forgetting to make myself one.  None the less I controlled my desire for my next design dancing around in my head and picked the Rose Onie Bulky X-Long scarf in a lovely Grey Blue Hand Painted Merino Wool by Malabrigo Yarns.  This is done in their Mecha yarn, new this year done in absolutely lovely colour ways and extremely soft.  The best part was finishing the scarf on New Years day!  Great way to start a new year!  I am currently working on some hand warmers for myself to match. Below are a few other colours also available in this cozy warm scarf.

I have been busy working on some new designs for the New Year.  Some will have “One of a Kind” hand spun fibres and other unique yarns.  I love seeing what I can design with specialty yarns, they are a great starting point for something completely unique.  I am looking forward to getting back into more pattern writing later on this year so keep an eye on my blog to see what I design for this end of my work.  I will continue to offer some free patterns to compliment my blog as well this year.

I love a new year, it is the perfect time to reflect on the last year and all you did and accomplished as well look forward to a new year of exciting adventures to come.  Have a wonderful start to your New Year!!

Rose Onie Bulky Scarf Teal
Rose Onie Bulky Scarf Teal

Rose Onie Bulky Scarf Ivory
Rose Onie Bulky Scarf Ivory