HANDMADE scarves are back IN STOCK!

HANDMADE scarves designed and made by myself (Valerie Baber Designs) are now back in stock with many new styles available and more coming soon. I have been busy over the past year working on my pattern writing offering various crochet patterns for you to enjoy and designing new scarves, hand warmers while continuing to learn more about my newest fibre adventure weaving. This week I have added a few of my ready to wear designs to my Etsy store, some are one of a kind. I will be adding various styles including architectural designs, floral, unique, nature inspired, contemporary and modern pieces to my ready to wear collection soon. Link to my Etsy store below:

Etsy store: www.valeriebaberdesigns.etsy.com

Crochet patterns are available for some of the new ready to wear designs so you can make your own unique scarf. Others are only available as ready to wear. The Elegant Leaves Designs shown in the first and last photo is available as a crochet pattern. You can make this design with the mini skeins I also sell on my Etsy store or use yarn from your stash. See more on my Etsy store.

I use hand painted high quality yarns as the base for most of my designs with added luxurious fibres like silk, cashmere, sparkle yarns, kid mohair and more in some of the scarves for a special elegant touch. Each item is designed by myself and made by myself to ensure the quality of the garment is excellent. I will be adding new designs often so pop by my Etsy store and take a look at the recent additions.

Various crochet patterns and ready to wear scarves, shawls, hand warmers and more by Valerie Baber Designs are available on my Etsy store: www.valeriebaberdesigns.etsy.com 

Various crochet patterns by Valerie Baber Designs are available at: 

Etsy store: www.valeriebaberdesigns.etsy.com or Ravelry www.ravelry.com/designers/valerie-baber and Lovecrafts: LoveCrafts

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Have a fibertastic day!

Lavender and Lace Shawl and Scarf Pattern:

The Lavender and Lace Shawl and Scarf features an elegant lace design with a modern essence and a lovely floral accent of Lavender on the trim. Calm your day with this beautiful Lavender Shawl or Scarf. Pattern for both sizes included. Inspired by the linear lattice features that behold beautiful Lavender flowers and other greenery trailing down the lattice on the base of the shawl and scarf. The Lavender trim adds a calming floral touch to this elegant design. You can make it in various fingerling weight yarns in a two toned or solid coloured yarn. Designed by Valerie of Valerie Baber Designs in a lovely sock or fingerling weight yarn. Can be worn in several ways as shown in the pictures.

Various crochet patterns by Valerie Baber Designs are available at:

Etsy store: www.valeriebaberdesigns.etsy.com or Ravelry www.ravelry.com/designers/valerie-baber

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Have a fibertastic day!

Elegant Lace Shawl

Lace scarf harvest colour6Lace scarf harvest colour10

Happy New Years!  To celebrate a New Year I began working on a new design the first week of January.  The goal was to make a larger piece that could be both a shawl and a sculptural scarf.  I used Malabrigo Rios in two different colour ways to make this design.  There is one available on my Etsy store at http://www.valeriebaberdesigns.etsy.com

The Elegant Lace Scarf/Shawl is made with hand painted merino wool.  Luxurious and soft with colours of the sunset to warm a cold day.  I have just finished another one in 2 different purple yarns available soon.  Check out newest designs on my Etsy store or http://www.valeriebaberdesign.com


Wired to the Past Gradient Shawl – Black to Grays

wired lace shawl poncho black to snowfall6


wired to the past shawl pattern look book teaser

Check out the new Wired to the Past Gradient Shawl Look Book and Photo shoot fun in the link above coming soon to www.valeriebaberdesign.com, www.valeriebaberdesign.etsy.com  The Wired to the Past Gradient shawl is part of my collection “Wired to the Past”  where I am taking inspiration of the past in design and architecture and “wiring” it to the present in yarn with an essence of the past.  This shawl has a wired feel to the design in both the colour and stitches.  I used beautiful yarns from www.sweetgeorgiayarns.com that include the Party of Five Gradient mini skeins in the Graphite with a skein of the Cashluxe Spark yarn that has a lovely sparkle effect especially when light hits it a certain way.  This really shows up in evening light beautifully giving it a metallic essence perfect for the Wired Look I was going for.  To top it off it is extremely luxurious yarn.

On a side note, I would love to start patterning some of the many designs I have made over the years, however whenever I start I stop as it is just not what I enjoy nor it is something I am good at anymore.  I used to design kids and adult sweaters and accessories and pattern them for others to enjoy, but that was years ago.  When I took my Interior Design and Interior Decorating it opened a part of my designing mind that hasn’t been able to stop since.  I absolutely love the designing process, it is where I experience pure bliss.  I scribble down in my notes, very messy notes, of what I did in some sort of short form that I can’t always read later.  You would think I would know better by now lol.  🙂 There they sit on pieces of paper, books, post it notes and other strange places that were available when my thoughts and hands started designing the newest idea.  It’s a dilemma that I struggle with as I would love to pattern many of my designs, but it really is not in my skill set to do this well anymore.  I can be honest about that and though I wish it was something I excelled at I feel it is more important to be who I am and create in the realm that I was meant to be in and that is in the designing end.  Perhaps one day I will come across a company who is look just for a designer or a person who is wonderful at pattern writing and just loves this part more than designing and we could work together to bring you beautiful patterns to make.

This is one of my dreams I wanted to share with you today.  You can’t always have everything you want or be good at everything, but if you work hard at what you are good at, concentrate on that skill set you will become great at it down the road.  Don’t get side tracked by the ideas and goals others think you should take or even the ones you feel you should be adding to your goals because that’s what other people do.  If it is not who you are you will not enjoy it and then what is the point! If you are a designer, then design to your best ability.  If you are a pattern writer than write the best ones you can.  In whatever you do work the best you can at it and enjoy it. Work together with people who love what they do and the outcome will be amazing and great.  When we work together to support each other and help each other everything is better.  Perhaps one day I will find a company who wants a designer to design and nothing else or a group of people or another person who whats to collaborate our skills and make amazing designs and patterns together for you to enjoy.

I have struggled for a long time about this and have tried doing some recent pattern writing, but it truly is not something I am good at anymore as my mind is purely on designing and I truly enjoy it.  Designing is my bliss where I can create something new on a daily basis.  Designing something I am inspired with each day or take an old design and revamp it into something better and continue in my adventure in design with yarn and some needles.  Working with colours and textures with beautiful yarns that are hand painted by other Artists and creating something special with these amazing yarns.

My newest love of yarns is from www.sweetgeorgiayarns.com the colours Felicia designs and the staff make are just amazing and inspire me everyday to design something new. The Wired to the Past shawl above was inspired by their new Part of Five Gradient yarns in the Graphite colours and their new Cashluxe Spark yarn.  The outcome of these two yarns together is so very soft and elegant with and edge. The Cashluxe is stunning with the soft sparkle in it that comes alive when light bounces around in the evening, it really is a beautiful stunning yarn. The Part of Five Collections are so fun and fabulous to work with, check out some of their newest colours including the lightest one in the shawl called Snowfall.  This colour is so elegant!  I absolute love them together.  I wanted to pattern this design and share it with you as I love making them.  They are calming and relaxing and easy for most people to make, but my dilemma is as above when I get to the pattern writing part I stop.  I would love to share this pattern with you, perhaps down the road something will come together and I will be able to share it with you.

I am currently selling various knitting kits with patterns and yarns by Sweetgeorgia Yarns on at www.valeriebaberdesign.com and www.valeriebaberdesigns.etsy.com  More to come including yarns soon.

In the meant time I will continue to do what I love and design and create what I am inspired by each day.  Be inspired today and remember to do you best at what you love!

Sophia Poncho, Shawl, Scarf long length

sophia poncho shawl beige stone4

sophia poncho shawl stone

sophia poncho shawl beige stone3

The Sophia Poncho, Shawl or Scarf (Longer size) is a perfect addition to any wardrobe with the unique crochet that has a wired look.  Part of my Wired to the Past Collection I am working on this year.  This design can be buttoned as a poncho, shawl or a large scarf and is made with  beautiful hand painted merino wool.  There will be other colours soon to add to your wardrobe. The longer style shown here is great for all sizes see my blog or http://www.valeriebaberdesigns.etsy.com for more styles.  The regular size available as well fits most large to small sizes as you button where you need in the crochet pattern to fit your size.  You can view the regular size on my blog or on my Etsy store link above.

For the poncho style button along the edge of the other side as shown.  For the longer version leave a loose section between each button so it fits as shown. For the scarf style I made one twist with the scarf so the buttons end up on the inside of the scarf and buttoned it to the other side moving the “fabric” where I wanted it to sit. On the shawl you can button where you like to get the look you want. A unique piece designed and hand made by myself just for you.

Sophia means wisdom a beautiful part of every woman. The Sophia Collection is my “Wired to the Past” collection which brings styles and design from the past with a contemporary edge where I will add a “wired” look with yarn on each of them showing how the past is directly connected to the present and future.

Midnight Garden Shawl – Second version


The Midnight Garden Shawl – second version.  I was asked by a customer if I could make her one of my Midnight Garden Shawls which was one of my first free form type shawls.  I don’t usually keep notes or pattern write for my free form style pieces so that I can keep them One of a Kind, but luckily I do take a lot of pictures and used them as my basis to design from making changes along the way to make this newest member of the Midnight Garden Shawls unique.  This time I wrote it down so that I may reuse this design to make other shawls etc. with a similar design essence.

The Midnight Garden shawl is a One of a Kind Wearable Art Shawl made with 100% Hand Painted Merino Wool. Soft and luxurious high quality yarn that is hand painted with a stunning colour way of Teal and a Midnight colour of deep purple,  blue, green and tones in between.

The Midnight Garden Shawl is designed with the thoughts of walking through a garden in the late evening, Midnight Garden. The colours portray this feeling with the different crochet used throughout the design.

Starting from the Neckline of the Shawl I will tell you the story of the design. It starts with the Teal green which represents all the green in the garden and in this case the green grass on either side of the walkway, which is the stripe of Midnight yarn through the middle. As you walk along the path you see the flowers dancing along the side of the walkway at the bottom of the shawl. They are attached with crochet to give the essence of the vines and such you seen through the garden.  The ruffles are the vine like plants you see throughout the garden walk. This is how I interpreted this walk in my Midnight Garden.

The Midnight Garden was a true pleasure to design and Crochet and I look forward to designing more shawls soon.

You can see more of my designs on my Etsy store at http://www.valeriebaberdesigns.etsy.com  or my website at http://www.vbaberdesigns.com  My most recent work is on my Etsy store.

This particular Midnight Garden Shawl is going on a trip to Austria which is exciting as I have never been there.


Shoji Cherry Blossom bolero and fingerless gloves
Shoji Cherry Blossom bolero and fingerless gloves
The Madama Butterfly Opera with the Edmonton Opera is about to begin on Saturday April 5th. Once again I have been involved in designing a few pieces for the Opera Art Project with the Edmonton Opera http://www.edmontonopera.com and the Alberta Craft Council http://www.albertacraft.ab.ca along with other amazing Artists. This is the 50th Anniversary for the Edmonton Opera and they are celebrating with the return of the Madama Butterfly Opera which happened to be the first opera that was performed 50 years ago. I had the pleasure of attending the dress rehearsal yesterday and have to say it is going to be a superb opera to see. I would put it on your must do list as it begins on Saturday April 5th, with other performances on Tuesday April 8th and Thursday April 10th.

For the previous opera’s this season I designed a set of 50th Anniversary themed pieces that included various embellishments from each of the opera’s this season. You can view them earlier on in my blog. The Madama Butterfly Opera inspired me to focus on the Shoji Screens that are a prominent feature in the homes of that era and the stage decoration. To top off the screens I placed cherry blossoms in red that are seen in this amazing opera. A touch of gold for the 50th Anniversary either in gold trim or beads is added to each piece. Below are the designs and a write up on what they symbolize.

Shoji Cherry Blossom Bolero: Designed with a Shoji screen on the base of the bolero and adorned with cherry blossoms on each arm. The gold beads on the cherry blossoms and the gold silk yarn and beads on the sleeves reflects the Edmonton Opera’s 50th Anniversary. Each arm represents one of the other two Opera for this season. One side has a soft lace edge for the “dance of the seven veils” in Salome and the other side has a lace edge with points as in a bats wing for Die Fledermaus play bill.

Shoji Cherry Blossom Hand Warmers: Designed with a Shoji screen on the base of the hand warmer and embellished with a cherry blossom to finish off the design in character of the Madama Butterfly Opera.

Shoji Cherry Blossom fingerless gloves
Shoji Cherry Blossom fingerless gloves

Cherry Blossom Hand Warmers: Inspired by the Madama Butterfly opera with the colours and red cherry blossoms prominent in the Opera. The cherry blossoms are made of silk reminiscent of one of the exquisite fibres used in Japan. Edmonton Opera’s 50th Anniversary is shown with the gold beads on the cherry blossoms.

Cherry Blossom fingerless gloves
Cherry Blossom fingerless gloves

This is going to be a fantastic Opera and one not to miss. Have an inspired day and try something new today. Enjoy.