New Crochet Pattern: Floral Peony Scarf

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The Floral Peony Scarf has a wonderful modern style and textured base with floral peonies and leaves adorning this design adding class and style to any wardrobe. Floral Blossoms finish off the design on the tip of the scarf to add that finishing touch. The blossoms represent new beginnings like the blossoms in spring reminding us of new and beautiful moments to come. A floral accented scarf for winter that can carry you through the cooler days of spring and fall.

Designed with 1 skein of sock/fingerling weight yarn for the solid coloured scarf or add a touch of colour with other yarns. If you want to make the flowers and leaves in different colours as shown in the gray scarf you will need to add more yarn like a mini skein or yarn from your yarn stash. Peony flowers are so many different hues of white, light pink to dark pink and even orange. There are other Floral Peony scarf designs and other Floral scarf patterns on my Etsy store, Ravelry and on LoveCrafts. See links at the bottom of the page.

SweetGeorgia Tough Love Sock yarn used in the photos will be available soon on my Etsy store.

This design is also available in an ebook Floral Botanical Scarf Crochet Pattern Collection shown below for a discount only on my Etsy store. You save $8.00 by purchasing the collection together.

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Happy crocheting and have a fibertastic day

Rose Cowl Scarf Crochet Pattern

rose cowl scarf combo

Rose Cowl scarf crochet pattern:  This new designs by Valerie Baber is now available at  Inspired by beautiful rose gardens designed on a contemporary scarf cowl base.  This designs can be made with or without the roses.  A nice easy design perfect for any wardrobe.  Made with worsted weight yarn.  Other new crochet patterns also available on my Etsy store.

Add a floral touch to your wardrobe today!

In my Garden

In my Garden this year I decided to plant various colors of tea roses and other favourite flowers of mine. I have decided that I am addicted to tea roses. They are so beautiful and unique with so many colours and types to enjoy.

I am back on my blog and will continue to post a variety of things I enjoy and make here. I am currently dealing with Arthritis and have decided I need to change my focus and have more FUN.

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Have an amazing day today.

Floral Architectural Essence Scarf


Celebrating today that I am back designing again after a difficult injury that spread to both arms making it impossible to knit, crochet and doing basic things everyday.  I want to thank my amazing family who were my hands and arms during this time.  They truly are amazing and I am so blessed that I have the most amazing husband in the world who stopped to look after me when I couldn’t.  I am so grateful for everything you do.  I also want to thank my amazing kids  who also became my hands and helped me everyday including cooking!  (I now have some awesome cooks in the house!!)  I wouldn’t have made it through this time without them.  Thank you all so very very very much!  My favourite thing in the whole world is being with you!  You guys are my everything!  THANKS!

As an Artist it was very difficult not to create everyday like I was used to.  At first it was almost painful to not knit or crochet creating what inspired me that day, but as time went on and I began to let go and take the time to rest my injured arms. I began to relax and design in my mind.  Though it was a very physically painful time it also gave my mind and arms a rest which I found calms your creativity and lets you fine tune things.  Sometimes set backs are actually steps forward, we just can’t see them at the time as we get lost in the emotion and hardship of the moment.  I have been able to crochet a bit this week and finished this scarf I had been working on prior to my injury.  It felt so good to create again.

The Floral Architectural Essence Scarf is a combination of two scarves (a long two tones scarf with slits I put in and a vine frieze scarf woven through them.  I designed a floral brooch that can be used on and off this design or other items in your wardrobe.  I also made an all ivory one I will post later.   I haven’t decided if I am selling this one yet as I love it so much I may have to keep it. 🙂

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ArtWalk St. Albert…Pop by to see my latest designs and more

artwalk st. albert

I will be at the ArtWalk Street Party June 4th in St. Albert, Alberta so pop by for this great event with local Artist, buskers, music and more.  This Street Party is the kick off the St. Albert ArtWalk for 2015.  I will have a collection of some of my newest designs and the classics such as the Rose Onie Scarf.  Pop by for a great evening perfect for starting off your Summer fun!

See more on their website here:

You can check out my latest designs that I am updating weekly so pop by my Etsy store at

Here are a few pictures to tease you with of designs I have recently finished new for 2015.

Hope to see you there and have a fabulous day!!

SPRING FORWARD…Valentine window Display

Spring Forward at Art Gallery of St. Albert
Spring Forward at Art Gallery of St. Albert

I was recently asked by the Art Gallery of St. Albert to design a fun and bold window display to warm the cold days of February.  My thoughts started flowing and I immediately began thinking of ideas that could incorporate both the Valentines theme that warms our hearts and the warmth of the coming spring.  With that in mind I chose to work with a colour palette of reds, whites, pinks and purples to enhance the warmth in the overall theme of the display.  Today was the set up day which was kind of nerving as you never really know how it will look till you see it in the space it was intended for.

Floral Heart flower and roses
Floral Heart flower and roses

Spring forward as the theme, I began by choosing a flower that would be perfect for both Valentines and the coming spring.  Roses seemed to be the perfect fit as my main flower since they are one of my favourites and often the chosen flower for Valentine’s Day.  Wanting to incorporate hearts in the theme, but not so obvious in some sections, I started making a variety of large hearts. Placed 5 of the hearts together to form the petals of a flower with the centre being a rose bringing the connection of a Valentines theme and Spring Forward together.  These are the four large flowers in each window enticing us to look forward to the warmth of the upcoming season of spring.

Tiia, the cat, helping?!
Tiia, the cat, helping?!

A variety of hearts and roses adorn each of the scarf vines made with various specialty yarns such as hand spun yarn, hand painted merino wool, beaded and sequins silk, kid mohair and on some a crushed pearl yarn.  The roses and large flowers are made with a variety of yarns including hand painted merino wool and other fibres.   Each of the single hearts hanging on the vines is woven with second yarn of the same colour just as those we love are woven into our lives.   Each of the pieces involved in this design, including the flowers and hearts as a brooch, can be reused on other displays and more in keeping with an environmentally friendly design.    Tiia, one of our cats, is quick to check out how I am doing while working on the design of the Floral Hearts flowers.  She is one of those cats with more than 9 lives, always getting in trouble!

Art Gallery of St. Albert Spring Forward display
Art Gallery of St. Albert Spring Forward display

Consider taking your next design project “out of the box” and do something completely different.  It really makes the creativity run wild and free and oh so enjoyable.  Thanks to the Art Gallery of St. Albert  asking me to be a part of warming up the cold winter days and SPRING FORWARD…

Garden Surprise

Surprise Marigold
Surprise Marigold

While sitting my deck this morning having a coffee to start the day off right I noticed a garden surprise mixed within my herbs.  I couldn’t believe what I saw.  You see I am not the best of gardeners by any means, but every year I try and try again.  There is nothing better than success after trying a task over and over.  Even better when you didn’t expect the outcome.  So here is it…..  Marigolds! Yes, they are growing aimlessly amongst my herbs and flowers.  Thing is I didn’t plant any this year!  Surprise, there they were!  The best part is they are growing where my other flowers keep dying because we have had a lot of wind this year and it is breaking my flowers.  I have replaced them twice already adding new ones to take the space of the ones lost.  Tis why I am so excited that out of the blue (or in this case orange) these wonderful Marigolds popped by for a visit to replace the space I had once again lost flowers from wind breakage.

More Marigolds
More Marigolds

Gardening is a hit and miss hobby and I am so happy to see a hit out of the park this time with the surprise Marigolds.

To add to this moment of gardening bliss I noticed the snap peas I planted have actually been fruitful!  I am in utter shock as I have tried growing tomatoes here for 5 years with success only one of those years.  The weather is not always dependable and my lack of a green thumb doesn’t help.  I decided to ditch the tomatoes and try the snap peas.  The snap peas add a double surprise today and have decided to grow!  Here is my first bowl of these delicious garden delights.

Snap Peas
Snap Peas

I was seriously thinking of knitting a garden full of wonderful produce instead of planting them.  I figured I could knit and crochet a bumper crop!  It is nice to see that my thumb might have a bit of green after all.  I am inspired to try some garden knitting and crochet in the future.  Maybe it is how I will warm up the winter days thinking of next years garden adventure.  Who knows what will pop up next year.  What’s in your garden of delights?

Snap Peas 1
Snap Peas 1