Elegant Lace Chain Scarf Pattern

Elegant Lace Chain Scarf Crochet Pattern uses fingerling weight (single stranded) or lace weight (double stranded) yarn.  Wear in many different styles as shown button in different styles with 3 buttons on the back of on end of the scarf.

Pattern is available at:



Shown in the Merino Silk Lace and the Silk Mist with a double stranded method. You can use any fingerling weight yarn single stranded for this design. You will need 2 skeins of the fingerling weight yarn in the Tough Love Sock yarn by SweetGeorgia Yarns or a similar one. All of these beautiful yarns are from SweetGeorgia Yarns. You can use other yarns of similar weight.

Another version of this scarf is coming soon where I will use the wonderful Party of Five yarns and the Cashluxe Spark yarn from Sweetgeorgia Yarns shown below:

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SweetGeorgia yarns are exquisite with their soft and luxurious feel to the beautiful array of colours on each skein.

5 responses to “Elegant Lace Chain Scarf Pattern”

    1. I appreciate all your amazing encouragement and help!! 🙂

  1. So very pretty. So delicate. You make such lovely things.

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