Calming Waters Scarf – Beach Stone Broche


Calming Waters Scarf - short version
Calming Waters Scarf – short version

The Calming Waters Scarf with the Beach Stone Broche is the smallest style of scarf in my Calming Waters Collection. Made with Malabrigo Rios Hand Painted Merino Wool base with two different colour ways with Alpaca from Alberta  for the sand, Rowan  and Malabrigo yarns for the stones with seaweed and ocean plant life done in a wonderful yarn by as an accent.  (I previously Blogged about this wonderful yarn in my “Victory in Victoria” blog.

Done in the two different Ocean colour ways of Blue, greens and hints of purples, sometimes other colours.  Accented with Alpaca, Blueface Leicester and Merino Wool.  The broche can be worn on the scarf or on another piece in your wardrobe.

This design is based on my many trips to the ocean and the West Coast in particular.  The inspiration

Calming Waters Scarf - Short Style
Calming Waters Scarf – Short Style

comes from the wonderful moments by the waters edge.  The Calming Waters scarf is the movement of the water splashing on your neckline, or “beach”.  The darker yarn shows the rippling of the water and the lighter becomes the waves.  The broche is a combination of the sand with beach stones and the various plant life and seaweed that are placed around by the strength of the waves.  This design was made with crochet.

I wanted to design a piece where you could bring the calm of the ocean sounds, feel the sand between your toes with the memories of warm days by the beach.  I will be doing this design in a orange, blue and sunset colour way for the ocean at sunset!  Now you can bring your favourite warm memories by the beach with through the cooler days of Fall, Winter and Spring.  It will also be available in a longer scarf and the Shawl/Shrug earlier in one of my Blogs.

Calming Waters Shawl/Shrug
Calming Waters Shawl/Shrug

The Calming Waters Shawl/Shrug.  You can see more about this design or purchase it at or


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