Stained Glass Window scarf and hand warmers

stained glass rose windows and more 2016.JPG

A sneek peek into Fall 2016 for Valerie Baber Designs with the new Stained Glass scarves, hand warmers, hats and ear warmers to come.  I decided to revisit my Gothic Architectural designs and this time make the focus the Stained Glass while still using the Stone Tracery as a secondary focus.  (Last time I focused on the Stone Tracery as the main view point)  Here are a few of the newest designs in my Architectural Collection.

stained glass rose window inside out purplestained glass rose window inside out purple1

On the Purple and Orange scarves I have split the Stained Glass Rose Window Stone Tracery in half to show the more detailed Stained Glass windows underneath.  The trim and style of these scarves have a Gothic Architectural essence and stone colours added in the beige or grey yarns.  These two will be at the soon for sale and I will be adding others to my Etsy store and Website at or  as well as other unique pieces in the near future.

See my other blog postings for information about the other designs.  Have a fabulous day!


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