Treasured Friends…update and giveaway prelude

Susanna Kearsley and Friends Tour
Susanna Kearsley and Friends Tour

The Treasured Friends Collection is based on a collection of scarves and fingerless gloves that Susanna Kearsley  had asked me to design for each of her treasured friends, that joined her on this wonderful tour.  This picture shows some of the fantastic Authors who toured with Susanna Kearsley sporting their unique scarf designs from left to right: Lynn Spencer from All about Romance, Deanna Raybourn, Susanna Kearsley, and Joanna Bourne.  Many of the designs were specifically designed for the Author it was given to based on their newest or a previous book or a design that Susanna felt they would like based on who they are or are passionate about.  This new collection will be called Treasured Friends.  Here are some pictures and some links to a few of these designs.  I will be adding more designs in the near future to the Treasured Friends Collection available on my Etsy site at

MYSTERY GIVEAWAY!  I will be joining one of these Authors in a giveaway that will be announced on Feburary 13th so mark your calendars.  There will be a variety of ways to enter.  Who is this “mystery” Author….you have to wait and see.  Pop by in the next few days as I blog more about this great giveaway and the “Mystery” Author.  Your first hint…she loves to knit!

Thanks to Susanna Kearsley for asking me to be a part of this wonderful venture.  I find great enjoyment in designing and making specialty items for treasured friends!  Treasure your friends today wherever they are let them know they are special to you!

You can link to the various designs in the Treasured Friends Collection now available here:

Susanna Rose Scarf:

Deanna Jasmine Rose Scarf:

Beatriz Poppy  Scarf:

Lynn Rose N Lace Scarf:

Lauren Plumeria Scarf:

Karen Rose Fingerless Gloves:

Ariel Art Deco Fingerless Gloves:

Kimberly Pumpkin Patch Fingerless Gloves:

The remainder of the Treasured Friends designs will be available soon.

Check out all of these wonderful Authors and put them on the top of your reading list today.

Susanna Kearsley:

Deanna Raybourn:

Beatriz Williams:

Kimberly Brock:

Karen White:

Ariel Lawhon:

Lauren Willig:

Julie James:

Sarah Wendell:

Mary Robinette Kowal:

Lynn Spencer:

Joanna Bourne:

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  1. […] to match the scarf I designed for Deanna Raybourn see this blog posting for more information:  (the Deanna Jasmine Rose hand warmers are available  at […]

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