What’s new…Beach Stone Scarf and more

Ocean Breeze Beach Stone Scarf
Ocean Breeze Beach Stone Scarf

What’s new these days…the Ocean Breeze Beach Stone scarf and more.  This design is an extension of the Calming Waters Collection that I will be periodically adding to as the Fall and Winter progress to add a touch of the warm memories of summer.  This colour way is a One of a Kind since I only made one and have no more of the beautiful Sepia toned yarn.  I wanted to do a scarf of the beach to reminisce the moments of walking along by the waters edge with all the interesting and beautiful sensations of the shore.  The sand between your toes and coolness of the water and sand beneath you.  Ahhh, just enough memories of the beach to keep you warm in the colder seasons.   The waves on the scarf and on the trim are the imprints left by the water cascading by.  This designs comes with an embellished broche with beach stones and some plant life and seaweed strewn about.  The broche is removable

Ocean Breeze Beach Stone scarf
Ocean Breeze Beach Stone scarf

and can be worn on other items in your wardrobe or as shown.  This design is versatile and can have a more modern eclectic feel when worn without the broche.  You can view this design and others in the collection on my Etsy store here:  http://www.intricateknits.etsy.com

I have been also busy adding some designs that have a more simple feel, yet still have a certain style to them.  Here are two of my other recent designs with chunky and bulky yarns from Malabrigo Yarns.  www.malabrigoyarn.com  Both of these yarns are super soft and wonderful to work with.


Anna Collar Scarf
Anna Collar Scarf

The Anna Collar Scarf has an eclectic yet traditional feel to the design. This one is done in the Mecha yarn by Malabrigo Yarns.  The next one below is the Lauren Scarf. This one too has a similar feel, but is different and has an asymmetrical base that can be worn to the side or center of your neck to keep you warm where your coat opens.  Links to these scarves and more information is below.

The Rose Onie Collar scarf has two more colours available.  One with a Black background and one in purple.  Take a look here.

Lauren Asymmetrical Chunky Collar Scarf
Lauren Asymmetrical Chunky Collar Scarf

Anna Scarf: https://www.etsy.com/ca/listing/165367757/anna-collar-scarf-hand-painted-merino?ref=shop_home_active

Lauren Scarf: https://www.etsy.com/ca/listing/165013786/lauren-asymetrical-collar-scarf-in-soft?ref=shop_home_active

Rose Onie Scarf Black: https://www.etsy.com/ca/listing/165286686/roseonie-collar-scarf-black-grey-crochet?ref=listing-shop-header-3

Rose Onie Scarf Purple: https://www.etsy.com/ca/listing/165295985/roseonie-collar-scarf-purple-colour?ref=listing-shop-header-4

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