Christmas Garland…just the beginning

Christmas Garland
Christmas Garland

Christmas Garland…just beginning the adventure of making my own Crocheted Christmas garland.  It will be an ongoing project likely throughout the next year as I keep dreaming of ideas on how to enhance the garland into a lovely treasured decoration for my home.  To start with I chose some beautiful hand painted yarn by Malabrigo with different tones of greens.  I will be adding other yarns and tones of greens in the future with holly leaves and berries and other evergreens, pine cones and more wintery treasures nature provides.  This is just a quick picture of the beginnings of the project.  I will be using this crochet technique to make the cedar type texture for the base of my garland.  I added a few berries just to see how they would look with a splash of red jumping from the cedar bows.  The holly leaves will come later on as I work on designing leaves and finding yarns that work great for that lovely deep green holly omits from it’s unique and glossy leaves.

I love holly, when I lived in Vancouver years ago I was astonished how big the holly grew.  It was stunning and beautiful.  I tried on many occasions to grow some while living near Toronto for many years, but I really don’t have a very good green thumb and failed on each attempt.  It was worth trying to succeed with such an unique and beautiful plant.  Instead I will crochet or knit my own holly tree, of sorts.  I am sure I will have more success at that.

Have a wonderful week…off I go to crochet and knit my garland goals.

One response to “Christmas Garland…just the beginning”

  1. What an interesting idea. I am sure your embellished versions will be amazing.

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