Christmas Garland…just the beginning

Christmas Garland
Christmas Garland

Christmas Garland…just beginning the adventure of making my own Crocheted Christmas garland.  It will be an ongoing project likely throughout the next year as I keep dreaming of ideas on how to enhance the garland into a lovely treasured decoration for my home.  To start with I chose some beautiful hand painted yarn by Malabrigo with different tones of greens.  I will be adding other yarns and tones of greens in the future with holly leaves and berries and other evergreens, pine cones and more wintery treasures nature provides.  This is just a quick picture of the beginnings of the project.  I will be using this crochet technique to make the cedar type texture for the base of my garland.  I added a few berries just to see how they would look with a splash of red jumping from the cedar bows.  The holly leaves will come later on as I work on designing leaves and finding yarns that work great for that lovely deep green holly omits from it’s unique and glossy leaves.

I love holly, when I lived in Vancouver years ago I was astonished how big the holly grew.  It was stunning and beautiful.  I tried on many occasions to grow some while living near Toronto for many years, but I really don’t have a very good green thumb and failed on each attempt.  It was worth trying to succeed with such an unique and beautiful plant.  Instead I will crochet or knit my own holly tree, of sorts.  I am sure I will have more success at that.

Have a wonderful week…off I go to crochet and knit my garland goals.

In the Pink…newest knits

Pink Floral Chunky scarf  Time 4 you hand warmer
Pink Floral Chunky scarf
Time 4 you hand warmer

In the Pink…newest knits added to my designs.  One of the colours I noticed somewhat missing from my designs is pink.  It is not a colour I wear often and perhaps that is why, but after making several designs in different strengths of pink I have realized that I must add this beautiful colour to my wardrobe.  Pink can be so soft and gentle or striking and bold.  You can wear the tone you feel that day and want to project to others around you.  I love these two different hand painted yarns I used on the base of the different scarves.  Both have a completely different effect and character.

I love working with hand painted yarns!  It’s like a constant surprise every stitch you take with anticipation to see what that next stitch becomes in colour.  Always keeping your eyes happy with something new to look at just around the corner or in this case stitch.  To top it off each skein is different from the other making it a challenge to bring them all together and so interesting each time I start a new project.  I am completely hooked on hand painted yarns as you can see by my designs.  I also love mixing solid colours together and working them so they become one.  Once again each piece has it’s own character depending on how the yarns decide to land while I knit and crochet them.   You can see these and more of my designs at:

Wild Rose Collar Wild Rose hand warmer
Wild Rose Collar
Wild Rose hand warmer

The hand warmers are both designs I have previously designed, but in different colours and colour techniques making the design new again.  I love reworking a design be it different yarns or colour ways to see how I can improve or change the look.  Some designs give birth to new designs with inspiration abounding from the vary stitches of each piece.  As you see with my Rose collections, it just keeps getting bigger as I become inspired by the previous piece I designed.  Roses happen to be my favourite flower which could be part of my inspiration as well.

Off to be inspired by Christmas and my crocheted garland.  I have started working on it this week and of course I am using hand painted yarns for at least some of the garland.  I love being inspired by nature and all it’s wonderful gifts it gives us everyday.  Must run and get back to my garland…I love Christmas!!  Have a fabulous day!!

Time 4 You hand warmers
Time 4 You hand warmers
Wild Rose Hand Warmers
Wild Rose Hand Warmers


Warm and Cozy…New Chunky knit Rose Onie scarves

Rose Onie Bulky Scarf Teal
Rose Onie Bulky Scarf

Warm up your winter day with these new wonderfully soft Chunky knit Rose Onie scarves. A smaller version of my Rose Onie scarf collection with a chunkier super soft hand painted merino wool. These colours are so vibrant they alone brighten and warm a cool day. Here are some of the new colours I have added with a simple hat (that can be embellished with roses too) and some hand warmers to complete the set. This is my favourite scarf I have designed since I designed it in memory of my amazing mother, Onie. Christmas was her favourite time of year, she made it so special every year! I treasure all the wonderful memories she instilled in our family and love instilling the same traditions she did with my own family.

I have some other new designs I will blog about later on and a “crocheted garland” project. I have been trying to come up with Asthma friendly decorations that can look fabulous, but can be washed up and kept dust mite free and toxin free for next year. I had to rid the house of many of my decorations as I finally realized they were causing me serious asthma issues every Christmas, which magically disappeared with in a day of putting everything away. Stay tuned to see what I design for my crocheted garland, or at least the beginnings of this project. There are so many things that inspires me for this Garland project. Can’t wait to start…

You can see more colours below and link to my Etsy store or website here:


Rose Onie Bulky scarf Grey/Blue
Rose Onie Bulky scarf
Rose Onie Bulky Scarf Grey/Mauve undertone
Rose Onie Bulky Scarf
Grey/Mauve undertone
Rose Onie Bulky Scarf orange
Rose Onie Bulky Scarf
Rose Onie Bulky Scarf Ivory
Rose Onie Bulky Scarf
Rose Onie Bulky Scarf Purple
Rose Onie Bulky Scarf
Rose Onie Bulky Scarf Pink
Rose Onie Bulky Scarf
Rach Slouch hat Grey/Blue
Rach Slouch hat
Rose Onie hand warmer Ivory
Rose Onie Bulky  hand warmer

Knitted Business Card and Gift Card Holder – Free Knitting Pattern

Business Card/Gift Card Holder
Business Card/Gift Card Holder

Free Knitting Pattern for a Gift Card and Business Card Holder.  I was inspired by the thought of designing a card after posting my recent venture in Christmas Card making.  Then it dawned on me why not design a gift card cover that can make a gift card a more personal gift as you have added a special touch with your own hands and then be reused as a business card holder by the recipient or again used as a gift card holder.  A great way to reduce and reuse with the added perk of a homemade personal touch.  This pattern is nice and easy so most people can knit it.  I like to keep my patterns easy so more people can enjoy making and sharing their skills and handmade projects with others.

For this design I wanted to stay with a classic feel and added the garter stitch for a nice texture and feel to the card holder.  I used a hand painted yarn to add another special dimension and colour to the piece.  For this pattern I used Malabrigo Rios, one of my favourite yarns to work with. For those who don’t know Rios is a wonderful hand painted merino wool that is very soft and has amazing colours.  You can see more of their yarns at  You can use any worsted weight yarn you have as long as your tension is as above.

The Reusable Gift Card Holder and Business Card Holder is perfect gift in itself for those you love.  I hope you enjoy making some of these for your friends and family.  Change it up and add your own special touch to the design.  Have a wonderful day today.



Reusable Gift Card and Business Card Holder is a great way to add a handmade personal touch to a gift.   Use it as a gift card holder that can then be used by the recipient as a business card holder specially made by you.  This design has a classic touch with the moss stitch and unique buttons.  You can use your favourite button style to accent the design.  The button size used here is a 1/2 inch button.  The only request I have with my free patterns is you “Pass it Forward”.  Either make one for someone in need, charities, or do something nice for someone else and pass the gift of helping others forward.

Needle size: 4 mm or a size 6 needle

Worsted weight yarn:  I used Malabrigo Rios for this one above.

Tension:  4 sts wide by 7 rows high for a 1” section.  This gave a finished measurement once sewn together of 2 1/2 by 3 1/2 perfect for a gift card or business card.

Cast on 30 sts and work 4 rows in garter stitch.

Work 4 rows in stocking stitch.

Work 2 rows of garter stitch.

Work 4 rows of stocking stitch.

Work 4 rows of garter stitch.

Right side should be facing you.  Cast off 15 sts and work the remaining 15sts in garter stitch to end.

Work 6 rows of garter stitch.

Button Hole Row:  in moss st. work 3 sts, yrn, k2 tog, moss st next 6 sts, yrn, k2 tog, moss st to end.

Work 3 more rows of garter stitch.

Cast off and sew side seam and bottom edge.  Attach 2 small buttons of your choice and finish ends.

I hope you enjoy your new gift card and/or business card holder.  You can personalize as you like.  Most of all enjoy this pattern and please “Pass it Forward”.  You can view more of my designs at  © Valerie Baber Designs 2013 ™

Christmas Cheer…Handmade Christmas Cards

Christmas Cards
Christmas Cards

Christmas Cheer…handmade Christmas Cards are always a treat to receive.  I used to make them every year for my family, but over the last few years, more like 5, I had lost my desire to spend time making cards at Christmas.  I love receiving hand made cards and will often buy cards made by others as I value the work they have done and love the special and unique touch they add to each card.

A week or so ago I was invited to a card making party and I have to say that it was fantastic.  The teacher was very creative and great at teaching us all these lovely designs.  I really enjoyed making the Christmas Cards and the variety was a wonderful touch.  I definitely suggest trying out making Christmas Cards, or a Christmas Craft.  It is one of my favourite times of the year.

Perhaps a knitted Christmas Card would be something to try!  Hmmm, gives me some inspiration on a few Christmas Crafts.  I am off to try some of them out…let me know what you make for Christmas!

New Eclectic Essence Floral Collection

Eclectic Essence Floral Scarf
Eclectic Essence Floral Scarf

Here are a few pictures of the new Eclectic Essence Floral scarf and hand warmers.  This was again a custom order by a return customer.  She happened to be my first order on Etsy and I was honoured to see her come back for a second batch of my designs.  🙂  This design is my Eclectic Essence set that I brought out last fall, but they were in hand painted colours of purples, blues, orange etc.  My customer wanted a black background with red and green accents.  I loved the idea right away and off I went to see what I would become.  I like how it turned out as the colours add an even more eclectic feel to the overall design, at least in my opinion.

You can view more pictures on my Etsy store at this link for the scarf at:

For the hand warmers at:

I enjoy making custom orders as it combines both my ideas and the customers into one design.  Makes the outcome more special and exciting to see along the way.  I must run and get back to working on more of these pieces.   Have a wonderful day today.

There are many more designs on my site at or website at


New Fall designs…Ruffle Lace Collar Scarf

Ruffle Lace Collar Scarf
Ruffle Lace Collar Scarf

I have been working on my Fall and Winter Designs over the past month and getting some of the ideas out of my head.  Here is another one of my new designs for Fall, the Ruffle Lace Collar Scarf.  These are done in Malabrigo Hand painted Rios Yarn.  A lovely worsted weight with amazing colours.

I wanted to design a nice light collar that could be left as is and showcase the hand painted yarns or be embellished in the future with wonderful inspirations.  Added the flowing ruffles to each piece so they would go with my Water Way theme this fall and I could tweak the design to suite a more eclectic feel for some of my other embellishments.  Crocheting is a great way to add sculptured waves, curves and texture to a design.  I will be embellishing these bases soon, but they are also available in their classic version as shown for a smaller price tag.

You can view more on my Etsy site at… I am off to be inspired with the embellishing of these designs.  The colours are screaming out various directions I should take.

Ruffle Lace Collar Scarf
Ruffle Lace Collar Scarf


Ruffle Lace Collar Scarf
Ruffle Lace Collar Scarf
Ruffle Lace Collar Scarf
Ruffle Lace Collar Scarf