Fiesta Lace Scarf – Crochet Pattern

FIESTA LACE SCARF – DIY crochet kits, Patterns and yarn all available together or separately.  See my links below:

Fiesta Lace Scarf DIY Crochet Kit includes Fiesta Scarf Pattern & Graphite Party of 5 mini skeins, Gray to black, sock yarn merino wool. The Fiesta Lace Scarf pattern is designed my myself and can be worn in many different styles. It’s an easy to crochet pattern that can also be purchased separately. You save $3.00 on the pattern by purchasing it with the DIY crochet kit. You can use most Fingerling/Sock weight yarns for this design.

Purchase at:   

The Party of 5 yarn by Sweetgeorgia yarns in soft merino wool mini skein set of gradient blues, Gradient colour way of light to dark gray to black, 3 ply sock yarn weight merino wool. Each Tough Love Sock fingering weight set contains five 105-yard mini-skeins for a total of 525 yards. You can also purchase other colours of this beautiful yarn separately on my other listings.

Colour Way: Graphite

Great for many crochet and knitting patterns in my listings. Many different colours available. If you need other colours not shown let me know and I can order the colour set for you.

Tough Love Sock yarn: Spun from 80% superwash and super soft merino and 20% nylon, this 3-ply yarn. Suggested gauge US 0-1 (2-2.25mm) | 8 sts/1″

Each Party of Five mini skein set is: $46.00
Fiesta Lace Scarf is: $6.00, you save $3.00 making it only $3.00 when purchase with the yarn as a DIY Crochet Kit.

More designs coming soon!

Gift Away – Joy Hand Warmers

joy hand warmer red 2

Gift Away – Add some Christmas Joy to your day and enter to win one of 3 colours of the Joy hand warmers shown here.  To my Twitter and Blogger friends you can also enter this way:


  1. Comment “Christmas Joy” on this blog posting here and
  2. Comment on blog here:

(Please comment on both blogs to be entered)

Or Enter on Twitter:

  1. Retweet  this posting or one of the postings or tweets about this gift away at @vbaberdesigns and comment “Christmas Joy”

or Instagram:

You can also enter through instagram as noted in my previous blog posting and the link to A Little Detail above.  This gives you various ways to enter this great gift away for 1 of 3 different hand warmers, a red, a grey and a black one.

Good luck to all of you!


Warm and Cozy…New Chunky knit Rose Onie scarves

Rose Onie Bulky Scarf Teal
Rose Onie Bulky Scarf

Warm up your winter day with these new wonderfully soft Chunky knit Rose Onie scarves. A smaller version of my Rose Onie scarf collection with a chunkier super soft hand painted merino wool. These colours are so vibrant they alone brighten and warm a cool day. Here are some of the new colours I have added with a simple hat (that can be embellished with roses too) and some hand warmers to complete the set. This is my favourite scarf I have designed since I designed it in memory of my amazing mother, Onie. Christmas was her favourite time of year, she made it so special every year! I treasure all the wonderful memories she instilled in our family and love instilling the same traditions she did with my own family.

I have some other new designs I will blog about later on and a “crocheted garland” project. I have been trying to come up with Asthma friendly decorations that can look fabulous, but can be washed up and kept dust mite free and toxin free for next year. I had to rid the house of many of my decorations as I finally realized they were causing me serious asthma issues every Christmas, which magically disappeared with in a day of putting everything away. Stay tuned to see what I design for my crocheted garland, or at least the beginnings of this project. There are so many things that inspires me for this Garland project. Can’t wait to start…

You can see more colours below and link to my Etsy store or website here:


Rose Onie Bulky scarf Grey/Blue
Rose Onie Bulky scarf
Rose Onie Bulky Scarf Grey/Mauve undertone
Rose Onie Bulky Scarf
Grey/Mauve undertone
Rose Onie Bulky Scarf orange
Rose Onie Bulky Scarf
Rose Onie Bulky Scarf Ivory
Rose Onie Bulky Scarf
Rose Onie Bulky Scarf Purple
Rose Onie Bulky Scarf
Rose Onie Bulky Scarf Pink
Rose Onie Bulky Scarf
Rach Slouch hat Grey/Blue
Rach Slouch hat
Rose Onie hand warmer Ivory
Rose Onie Bulky  hand warmer

Christmas Cheer…Handmade Christmas Cards

Christmas Cards
Christmas Cards

Christmas Cheer…handmade Christmas Cards are always a treat to receive.  I used to make them every year for my family, but over the last few years, more like 5, I had lost my desire to spend time making cards at Christmas.  I love receiving hand made cards and will often buy cards made by others as I value the work they have done and love the special and unique touch they add to each card.

A week or so ago I was invited to a card making party and I have to say that it was fantastic.  The teacher was very creative and great at teaching us all these lovely designs.  I really enjoyed making the Christmas Cards and the variety was a wonderful touch.  I definitely suggest trying out making Christmas Cards, or a Christmas Craft.  It is one of my favourite times of the year.

Perhaps a knitted Christmas Card would be something to try!  Hmmm, gives me some inspiration on a few Christmas Crafts.  I am off to try some of them out…let me know what you make for Christmas!