New Designs and more…crochet and knitting

Now available on my Etsy store at Many other unique scarves, hand warmers, hats and more.  Check out the newest designs too.

It has been a long hard 10 weeks since I injured my right arm especially since I haven’t been able to knit or crochet since then and still not able to.  I have to say it is almost torture for a designer not to design and create everyday, but at the same time it gives you rest (even though your kicking and screaming LOL).  The injury progressed to my left arm due to over use looking after the right arm and then angered my neck and shoulders so just when I thought I was making head way everything was a mess.  Glad to say that this week I finally feel like I am getting back to doing some things myself again and it feels great.  Part of my injuries was over use from working to hard on my creations, but you know you just have to knit and crochet as it’s so much fun.  I did try to dabble a little with more pattern writing, perhaps I will work on that again soon.

I hope in the next few months that I can once again pick up my needles and create new pieces.  Luckily I was working on new designs all year prior to my injuries and will have more new designs on my Etsy store soon.  You can also link with for my new Etsy Website.

You can also purchase my many designs locally in Edmonton, Alberta at or in St. Albert, Alberta at

Chunky Cable scarves

joy infinity cowl chunky grey3

Chunky Cable infinity scarves are new at and soon at  Available in grey, ivory, teal and purple and can be doubled up to make a very warm cowl style scarf.  Check out to see how you can style these scarves and the other Joy Cable collections.

Sometimes we spend more time having fun during the photo shoots like these pictures below than taking it seriously. Always good to add a laugh or two to your day. 🙂

Cozy Cable Scarves, Hand Warmers, Hats and more

joy cable collection ivory2.JPGJoy Cozy Cable Scarves, Hand warmers, Ear warmers, hats and more are new to the Joy Collection designed with my daughter  and myself.  Check out her fashion blog she has a fabulous sense of style and you can see the latest Joy collection photo shoots there.   Here are a few teasers just starting to roll out for the New Year!  More to come soon.


The Joy Cable Collection is available for order in various colours including ivory, light grey, dark grey, black, pink, purple, teal and orange.  Various styles including options for men are now available or will be soon.  Check them out at and soon at

There are lots of new designs on my Etsy site so pop by and see what I have been busy doing in my absence.  Have yourself a wonderful day today!!  Be inspired by something new!