Cozy Cable Scarves, Hand Warmers, Hats and more

joy cable collection ivory2.JPGJoy Cozy Cable Scarves, Hand warmers, Ear warmers, hats and more are new to the Joy Collection designed with my daughter  and myself.  Check out her fashion blog she has a fabulous sense of style and you can see the latest Joy collection photo shoots there.   Here are a few teasers just starting to roll out for the New Year!  More to come soon.


The Joy Cable Collection is available for order in various colours including ivory, light grey, dark grey, black, pink, purple, teal and orange.  Various styles including options for men are now available or will be soon.  Check them out at and soon at

There are lots of new designs on my Etsy site so pop by and see what I have been busy doing in my absence.  Have yourself a wonderful day today!!  Be inspired by something new!

4 responses to “Cozy Cable Scarves, Hand Warmers, Hats and more”

  1. Beautiful work, as always, Valerie.

  2. LOVE LOVE!!

    Joy xx.

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