New Eclectic Essence Floral Collection

Eclectic Essence Floral Scarf
Eclectic Essence Floral Scarf

Here are a few pictures of the new Eclectic Essence Floral scarf and hand warmers.  This was again a custom order by a return customer.  She happened to be my first order on Etsy and I was honoured to see her come back for a second batch of my designs.  🙂  This design is my Eclectic Essence set that I brought out last fall, but they were in hand painted colours of purples, blues, orange etc.  My customer wanted a black background with red and green accents.  I loved the idea right away and off I went to see what I would become.  I like how it turned out as the colours add an even more eclectic feel to the overall design, at least in my opinion.

You can view more pictures on my Etsy store at this link for the scarf at:

For the hand warmers at:

I enjoy making custom orders as it combines both my ideas and the customers into one design.  Makes the outcome more special and exciting to see along the way.  I must run and get back to working on more of these pieces.   Have a wonderful day today.

There are many more designs on my site at or website at


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