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What’s new…various designs I have been working on lately. I have been trying to design some new pieces and styles to add to my collections as well I have been working on some that I will pattern later on in the year for others to enjoy knitting or crocheting. The Floral Vines scarf was just finished this morning as I dream of the flowers and leaves springing around me in the near future. There are still small bits of snow here in the shaded corners and the leaves have yet to make their way out of the buds. Yet there is promise in the air that they soon will be here fluttering in the breeze like the birds that will be singing and playing in the trees behind our house. As I wait for the day when I can plant flowers around my yard I will enjoy wearing my new Floral Vines scarf in anticipation of the spring and summer gardening to come. This scarf is made with merino wool on the vine and hand painted merino wool for the flowers. I will be designing a smaller version soon that would be perfect to accent your favourite T shirt, shirt, sweater or coat. This scarf can be worn year round to keep the memories of summer near to warm you in the colder days of fall and winter. Mix it with another scarf to add that special touch to your wardrobe. I’m thinking a special one for Christmas time with a bit of elegant bling adorning the piece. I will be changing up the flowers as well as I continue to enhance this design.


The second group of scarves are the Hand Painted Lace scarves that have a triangular base and a combination of two different crochet lace styles. This scarf can be folded in half to give a shorter and warmer style perfect for fall and winter. A perfect year round scarf that accentuates the hand painted qualities of the beautiful yarn. Various colours will be available as I continue to add them to my collection.




I have been taking time to add more cotton designs to my collections and have added this simple chunky cotton infinity scarf to accent your wardrobe. It will be available in Merino wool as well in the fall. Comes in several colours with and embellished floral brooch or without. A great price point that is perfect for gift giving and to treat yourself with a lovely handmade scarf.



To add that special and unique scarf to your wardrobe I have added two OOAK pieces that are made with a combination of cotton, organic cotton, silk, bamboo, bead and sequins. A dual scarf combination perfect for year round wear ability to accent your wardrobe. You can see more at here and how to wear this unique scarf. Only one of each is available.


Most of these were inspired the gardening season coming soon. I am looking forward to enjoying my deck out back surrounded by trees, plants and flowers. It becomes my outdoor studio and office. Can’t wait.

4 responses to “What’s New…”

  1. Very nice work. Spring seems to inspire everyone to knit with cotton.

    1. Thanks! Perfect fibre that the warmer days, but I find I still love Merino wool all year round. 🙂

  2. Love the infinity scarves! Really so beautiful.

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