Thanksgiving Play of the day…knit and crochet

sunrise feburary2

Thanksgiving Play of the day…knit and crochet will be a new style of blogging my work for my creative process.  As I mentioned in my last blog I like to take moments to just create taking some needles and yarn and start playing with ideas to see what I come up with.  I may post pictures of my inspiration as well.  These will be my Play of the day blogs.

I am fortunate to have the most amazing sunrises behind our house and I am often taking pictures of these amazing painted skies.  Each day it is different and usually take my breath away.  A most wonderful way to start the day.  This time of year and through the winter are my favourites.  Likely because the sun is  rising right around the time I am grabbing my morning coffee.   There is so much colour inspiration in a sunrise or sunset.  Just spend a few minutes watching them and see the colours change.  It’s a constant inspiration in those precious moments as you stand watching the sun bring the day or settle the nights sky.  The colours here are very fall like perfect for Thanksgiving.  I wish you all who celebrate Thanksgiving this weekend a wonderful time.

Below are some of my designs inspired by the stunning orange sunsets and beautiful fall days.


floral onie scarf orange 2

hand spun fingerless gloves beige orl

rose onie bulky blue grey orange mix

rose onie bulky orange combo set5

sculptured scarf orange1

turtleneck cowl orange2

wild rose ear warmer orange teal2

6 responses to “Thanksgiving Play of the day…knit and crochet”

  1. Sunrises and sunsets are wonderful inspiration, and all of those creations really capture the inspiration. I love the orange you selected, they all look great.

    1. Thank you Ashie. Much appreciated!!

  2. Such beautiful colors you’ve chosen and they reflect the colors this time of year too. Really lovely.

    1. Thanks very much!! Happy Thanksgiving!

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