Hot off the Press (Needles)…New Architectural Crochet Scarf

Hot off the press, or needles in this case. Just finished this new addition to my Architectural Collection that I am busy preparing for the Artist of the month at the Alberta Craft Council in December  Thank you Alberta Craft Council for asking me to be part of this wonderful opportunity in December.  I appreciate it so very much!!!  There are various designs from my Architectural collection already available at the Alberta Craft Council and I am currently finishing some of the larger pieces this week. The larger pieces that will be available after December 1st will include some One of a Kind designs. There are only a few of the larger designs so pop in early to take a peek.

The Stone Tracery inspired scarf, my bulky X large version, is also available on my etsy store at and will be available in other colours soon. I am elated designing this collection and enjoying every moment. In the New Year I would like to begin working on an elaborate, large piece, perhaps one that is more suitable to hang on a wall. Though I do tend to love making pieces that work for both wearing and the art of it so it is more likely I will make it a wearable art piece. Each piece I design inspires me in some way to try and go further with the design. In this case, due to the very cold last week, I wanted to make a bulky, super warm version for those bitter days of winter and warm them up to a suitable temperature.
The Stone Tracery Bulky XLarge scarf is perfect for those cold days of winter adding a stylish and unique flair.

Be sure to pop by the Alberta Craft Council in December to see more of my Architectural Collection and other new designs perfect for giving at Christmas or any time of year. Stay warm and enjoy your day,


9 responses to “Hot off the Press (Needles)…New Architectural Crochet Scarf”

  1. Whoa whoa…very nice…impressive….

  2. Stunning!

    Every year there is a wearable art competition. When you mentioned wanting to do a larger more elaborate and artful piece I thought of it. I think elaborate is exactly their direction.

    1. Thanks I appreciate it. Where is this competition?

      1. I am trying to remember where I saw the call, it was either on Art Rubicon’s website or Fiber Art Now’s Facebook page.

      2. Thanks Deb, I will check them out!! Could be fun and interesting to do.

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