Architectural Inspiration scarf – Milan Cathedral

More Architectural Inspiration scarves with a floral stone tracery feel.  All of these designs are available for order at  This group of scarves new this season were inspired once again by the many Gothic Cathedrals of the past especially the Milan Cathedral.  This amazing building was designed and built by many architects, artists, craftsmen and so many more.  It is one of the most decorated Gothic Cathedrals that took over 200 years to build.  The various architects used a lot of floral inspiration in their stone tracery throughout the Milan Cathedral as shown below.

The various floral accents on the Floral Tracery Gothic Cathedral Inspired scarves were inspired by the Milan Cathedral and other Gothic Cathedrals of the past.  As mentioned in  my previous blogs I will be restarting my Architectural project as you can see why.  There is so much inspiration that I felt I needed to go another direction and begin my project with various Architectural buildings to pull my inspiration from.  I will be adding these designs to my work soon for Fall and Winter 2015/16.

It amazes me the incredible amount of work that has gone into these beautiful buildings.  I am awed at their creativity and design as each Gothic Cathedral stands alone in unique stature expressing the Architect, Artist and Craftsmen ideas and design skills that have stood for many years in their beautiful strength.  The Gothic Architecture era had a huge impact on how we design and build today.

Check my website soon for dates I am at the local St. Albert Farmers Market in the fall as well some of my work will be at another booth by the library at the Wiggles and Giggles booth.  Website:

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Have yourselves a wonderful week full of inspiration!

Architecture in Crochet Project – Exeter Cathedral Stone tracery #3

Architecture in Crochet Project – Exeter Cathedral Stained Glass Window with Stone Tracery part 3.

With a 3 D effect in the crochet I have added some shading and depth to this beautiful window.  I have used two different techniques to achieve this look one style on the frame of the window and another on the circles as I begin to build the stone tracery of this intricate window design.  The pieces are not sewn on yet and will have a more finished look once I do down the road.  I think I will design more of the stone tracery before I start sewing the pieces on to make sure I like where it is going in scale etc.

Here are a few links to some great YouTube videos on Gothic Architecture: (Thanks Deb for the suggestion of checking out these fabulous video’s)

Off I go to tackle the next part of the Exeter Cathedral Stained Glass Window.  Have a wonderful and inspiring day!

Happy New Year – My first new scarf design for 2015

Stone tracery rose window scarf long
Stone tracery rose window scarf long

Happy New Years to all of you.  I just finished, literally, my first new scarf design for 2015.  Last year I decided to make the first scarf design of the year for myself to start the year and give myself a bit of a bonus for all the work I did in the previous year.  This year since my biggest inspiration and joy in design has been working on my Architectural collection I decided to make this new addition to the collection.  I am so excited to continue this venture this year as there are many ideas I must design and continue my journey of Architecture and the inspiration that it beholds.

This is my newest member of the Architectural collection, the Stone Tracery Rose Window scarf, Long version.  Made with hand painted merino wool in an ivory stone colour and a darker beige to show a the shadow effect and darker features of the window beneath the stone tracery.  Edged in stone tracery with crockets on the edges found on my Gothic Cathedrals and Architecture of the past.  Three different sizes of Rose Windows adorn this scarf to add a tapered look and finish to the design.

I am happy with the outcome as if you look back at my other smaller designs you will see my progression towards this scarf.  It’s a wonderful moment when you achieve in your finished design what you have been busy designing in your head and at last see the finished product.  I have enjoyed every moment of the Architectural venture and can’t wait to begin some bigger projects on my list.

Stay tuned to see more as I am currently working on a version of the Stone Tracery Rose Window long scarf at the top with the stained glass rose window in the background.  This scarf above as well as many others are available on my Etsy store at   I also sell at other stores locally like the Alberta Craft Council Gallery store  and the Art Gallery of St. Albert



Merry Christmas and Happy New Years

Merry Christmas and Happy New Years!! I wish this to all of you (a little late on the Christmas part).  Hope you are all having a wonderful time with family and friends.

The weeks before Christmas I was busy designing a few new pieces, orders and a TV interview with Breakfast Television in Edmonton and an interview with Han TV (both thanks to the Alberta Craft Council) that will be posted at a later date.  As mentioned in my previous blog the Alberta Craft Council had asked me to be the Artist Spotlight for December and I am truly thank for for this opportunity as it helped me think out of the box and begin my Architectural Collection as you can see from some of my latest pieces above.  You can check out my interview on Breakfast Television below which shows some of my work at the Alberta Craft Council.


If you haven’t been to the Alberta Craft Council check out these next two videos showing a tour of many of the works of Art at the Alberta Craft Council Gallery store.   (Breakfast Television:   (Han TV:

The Alberta Craft Council is a wonderful place for unique local made gifts with all price points and styles of Artwork.  It has various galleries to view as well while you are there.  A great place to select hand made gifts and support your local community.  Check it out soon it will amaze you!

Thanks to the Alberta Craft Council for their continued support and to Han TV and Breakfast Television for the wonderful opportunities the give to Artists throughout the year.

Have a wonderful New Years and year to come!  All my very best,  Valerie


Hot off the Press (Needles)…New Architectural Crochet Scarf

Hot off the press, or needles in this case. Just finished this new addition to my Architectural Collection that I am busy preparing for the Artist of the month at the Alberta Craft Council in December  Thank you Alberta Craft Council for asking me to be part of this wonderful opportunity in December.  I appreciate it so very much!!!  There are various designs from my Architectural collection already available at the Alberta Craft Council and I am currently finishing some of the larger pieces this week. The larger pieces that will be available after December 1st will include some One of a Kind designs. There are only a few of the larger designs so pop in early to take a peek.

The Stone Tracery inspired scarf, my bulky X large version, is also available on my etsy store at and will be available in other colours soon. I am elated designing this collection and enjoying every moment. In the New Year I would like to begin working on an elaborate, large piece, perhaps one that is more suitable to hang on a wall. Though I do tend to love making pieces that work for both wearing and the art of it so it is more likely I will make it a wearable art piece. Each piece I design inspires me in some way to try and go further with the design. In this case, due to the very cold last week, I wanted to make a bulky, super warm version for those bitter days of winter and warm them up to a suitable temperature.
The Stone Tracery Bulky XLarge scarf is perfect for those cold days of winter adding a stylish and unique flair.

Be sure to pop by the Alberta Craft Council in December to see more of my Architectural Collection and other new designs perfect for giving at Christmas or any time of year. Stay warm and enjoy your day,


Floral Stone Tracery Scarf…Architectural Collection

Floral Stone Tracery Cowl/Collar scarf
Floral Stone Tracery Cowl/Collar scarf
The Floral Stone Tracery Scarf is made with a stone wall essence on the base of the scarf in the colours of various stones. The inspiration for this set of scarves is the amazing stone tracery on Architecture of the past. The elaborate and fascinating artwork that was involved in designing and making the stone tracery is outstanding. For these smaller scarves, more of a cowl size, I have choosen to put a few stone tracey flowers to accent the design. I will be changing the stone tracery as I go along focusing on different types of stone tracery. Other colours will be available in the future.

This is likely my favourite collection to design to date. The ideas and inspiration continue to flow with some bigger and more elaborate pieces to come soon. I love Architecture of the past and present and will continue to add this to my future designs. Stay tuned for more of the Architectural Collection by Valerie Baber Designs. You can purchase my designs at or check me out on Instagram or Twitter at for pictures of my other designs and the newest pieces.