Floral Peony Scarf – Ready to wear!

The new Floral Peony Scarf is now available! One of my newest handmade designs just finished with a peony floral accent. Floral Peony scarf in gray and pink with green leaves in hand painted merino wool is READY to SHIP, other colours may be available. See my Etsy store link below for more information or to purchase.

Etsy store: www.valeriebaberdesigns.etsy.com

This design has a wonderful modern style scarf and textured base with floral peony’s adorning this designs adding class and style to any wardrobe. Floral Blossoms finish off the design on the tip of the scarf to add that finishing touch. The blossoms represent new beginnings like the blossoms in spring reminding us of new and beautiful moments to come. A floral accented scarf for winter that can carry you through the cooler days of spring and fall.

On this scarf the peony’s a lovely soft pink and green leaves. TWO BUTTONS ARE ON THE BACK OF THE SCARF TO FASTEN IN PLACE.

The Floral Peony scarf is designed and handmade by myself, Valerie Baber, with high quality yarns. This design is done in a sock weight yarn or fingerling weight yarn to keep it lighter in weight, but still very warm and luxurious to the touch with the merino wool.

Made with hand painted merino wool 80%, nylon 20% (for durability).

All my designs are hand knit and crocheted with great care and durability and can be worn for many years to come. To preserve the yarn and longitivity of wear the design must be hand washed and laid flat to dry.

This style of scarf is great for when you want to add a unique and creative touch to your wardrobe. Adds a stylish essence to whatever you wear.

Other handmade designs that are ready to wear just for you are available on my Etsy store. I only use High Quality Fibres in this Design and always high quality yarns so you can wear them for years to come. Every design is designed and made by myself to ensure excellent quality and a unique style for your wardrobe.

Various crochet pattern, yarn and ready to wear scarves, shawls, hand warmers and more by Valerie Baber Designs are available on my Etsy store: www.valeriebaberdesigns.etsy.com 

Various crochet patterns by Valerie Baber Designs are available at: 

Etsy store: www.valeriebaberdesigns.etsy.com or Ravelry www.ravelry.com/designers/valerie-baber and Lovecrafts: LoveCrafts

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Have a fibertastic day!

Hot off the Press (Needles)…New Architectural Crochet Scarf

Hot off the press, or needles in this case. Just finished this new addition to my Architectural Collection that I am busy preparing for the Artist of the month at the Alberta Craft Council in December http://www.albertacraft.ab.ca  Thank you Alberta Craft Council for asking me to be part of this wonderful opportunity in December.  I appreciate it so very much!!!  There are various designs from my Architectural collection already available at the Alberta Craft Council and I am currently finishing some of the larger pieces this week. The larger pieces that will be available after December 1st will include some One of a Kind designs. There are only a few of the larger designs so pop in early to take a peek.

The Stone Tracery inspired scarf, my bulky X large version, is also available on my etsy store at http://www.valeriebaberdesigns.etsy.com and will be available in other colours soon. I am elated designing this collection and enjoying every moment. In the New Year I would like to begin working on an elaborate, large piece, perhaps one that is more suitable to hang on a wall. Though I do tend to love making pieces that work for both wearing and the art of it so it is more likely I will make it a wearable art piece. Each piece I design inspires me in some way to try and go further with the design. In this case, due to the very cold last week, I wanted to make a bulky, super warm version for those bitter days of winter and warm them up to a suitable temperature.
The Stone Tracery Bulky XLarge scarf is perfect for those cold days of winter adding a stylish and unique flair.

Be sure to pop by the Alberta Craft Council in December to see more of my Architectural Collection and other new designs perfect for giving at Christmas or any time of year. Stay warm and enjoy your day,


Sweet Time at Sweetgeorgia Yarns

Sweet time at Sweetgeorgia Yarns in Vancouver, B.C. Canada. With knitting and crocheting always on my mind and new designs dancing around in my head I decided the best thing to do to start off our vacation in Vancouver was to make my first stop Sweetgeoria Yarns http://www.sweetgeorgiayarns.com . A most wonderful decision in my mind as the stunning colours of their beautiful yarns as I first walked into the store flowed seamlessly with the beautiful flowers blooming around Vancouver as we drove from the Airport to my first destination. It was so hard not to spend more time looking at all the beautiful colours and fibres as my family patiently waited for me to finish. As you know it is extremely hard to pull yourself away from a vast collection of yarn in front of you. 🙂

These walls were covered in various yarns and colour ways. It is so hard to choose as they are all so lovely.

With my first batch of yarn I was working on an Alberta Tartan scarf for a custom order that is reminiscent of the Alberta Tartan. I used the Deep Cove and Botanical from Sweetgeorgia yarns to design these. The plaid one is not finished as I haven’t decided on which clasps I want to use from my stock. I am deciding if I should pattern the Tartan plaid version. They are both still in the finishing design stage and I may make changes but this gives you an idea of what they will look like. I will also change the blue so it is more true to the Alberta Tartan Colours.

I first tried Sweetgeorgia yarns last year on my trip to Victoria and Vancouver when I popped into The Beehive Wool Shop http://www.beehivewoolshop.com/ in Victoria. This is one of the biggest yarn stores I have been in. A must see if you are ever in Victoria, B.C. Canada.

I adore the colour combinations and hand painted techniques of Sweetgeoria yarns and have decided to add it to my designs as well sell it with some of my knitting and crochet patterns. You can find some of my knitting kits on my online store http://www.intricateknits.etsy.com I will be adding more in the late summer and early fall.

I had the pleasure of a tour into the back where they create their amazing colour ways and more. Here are some pictures of the work in progress.

I am looking forward to adding more Canadian content to my designs and using different fibres and colour ways to enhance my work. I love using a variety of different yarns from different sources. I am often inspired by the yarn itself as I begin to design my next piece. Hand painted yarns are a true joy to work with. The ever changing colours keep you interested as you knit or crochet along adding a unique essence to each design. Have a wonderful day today.

Hand Painted Garden

Hand Painted Garden Scarf
Hand Painted Garden Scarf

The Hand Painted Garden scarf is another version of my Hand Spun Garden.  I wanted to do a different combination of yarns using only hand painted yarns on this design.  The blue grey background is one of my favourite colours in this hand painted merino wool.  It is reminiscent of the midnight sky with some muted flowers light by the  moonlight strewn around the garden path.  This is one of  my newest designs that will be available in other colours or an all ivory one for the classic touch.

I will be adding a new scarf collection soon…the Contempo Scarf Collection.  You can view more pictures and information about this scarf on the link below:


I hope today finds you with great inspiration to try something new.  Have a great one!